The 3 Crystals Every Stubborn Taurus Needs For Love & Clarity

Shereen Campbell
·1 min read

With the Sun making its way through the sign of Taurus starting on April 19 through May 20, it’s officially birthday season for all the Taureans out there, so lets talk about the best crystals for Taurus. Known for their steadfastness, dependability and hardworking nature, anyone knows a Taurus is a friend you can always count on. But just like any other sign, they still have their struggles!

Ruled by the bull, a Taurus can be stubborn or a stuck in their ways at times, especially when life gets challenging. Plus, they crave security more than any other sign. If anyone or anything poses a threat to a Taurus’ sense of security, they will charge as fiercely as their bull...

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