3 Common Mistakes That Are Actually So Bad For Your Phone’s Battery, According To Tech Experts


There’s a good chance you’re making iPhone mistakes — right this very minute — that are compromising your phone and its battery. The more aware you are of these missteps, the longer you can retain your phone battery (and your phone) and the better overall user experience you’ll have. But where should you start? Ahmed N.Khan, founder of Techrandm.com, points out three common mistakes that are actually so bad for your phone’s battery. The great news is that you can stop making them today and boost your battery power. 

Mistake #1: Using your phone while it is charging

Who has time to wait for a phone to charge to send text messages or answer emails? We get it — life is fast-paced and often revolves around our gadgets. But resisting temptation and letting your phone charge without interruption is better for your phone’s battery. “Using your phone while it is charging can put extra strain on the battery and may even cause it to overheat,” Khan said. “To correct this mistake, try not to use your phone while it is charging.”

Mistake #2: Keeping your phone’s screen brightness too high

“Keeping the screen brightness too high can drain the battery faster,” Khan warns. “To correct this mistake, adjust the screen brightness to a lower setting or use the automatic brightness feature.”

Mistake #3: Running too many apps at once

Are you into some serious multi-tasking when it comes to your apps? “Having too many apps running in the background can drain your battery,” Khan said. To correct this mistake, Khan advises closing apps that you are not using and considering using a task manager app to help manage your background processes.

Bonus Mistake: Using your phone in extreme temperatures

Advice about not charing or using your phone in extreme temperatures is so nice, Khan gives it twice. “Using your phone in extreme temperatures (too hot or too cold) can damage the battery and reduce its overall lifespan,” Khan said. “To correct this mistake, try to avoid using your phone in extreme temperatures, and keep it in a cool, dry place when it is not in use.”

Avoiding these common mistakes is as easy as knowing what they are and changing your habits.