3,000 people 'clapping with their teeth' is a sound you will never forget

AsapSCIENCE was originally a YouTube channel founded and hosted by Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown that focuses on various aspects of science.The pair have since moved to TikTok, where they have over 360,000 followers and post brain twisters and fun facts.One of their more popular TikToks, with over 1 million views, is captioned: “This is what it sounds like when 3,000 people clap with their teeth.” It is super weird.The “clapping” is the sound of people chattering their teeth or chomping on air. Inexplicably, there’s a high chance while playing the video, you tried it out yourself too.“Why did I start doing it with them,” one person commented. “It sounds like bones rattling,” a very macabre TikTok user wrote.“WHY DOES IT SCARE ME,” a third, terrified viewer said.If you feel repulsed or strange listening to that, it’s likely a form of misophonia, where certain sounds trigger physical and emotional responses.Good to know there’s an (albeit bizarre and kind of spooky) alternative to regular applause

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