28 Of The Most Cringeworthy And Embarrassing Things Americans Said On The Internet So Far This Year

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1.The American who has probably never looked to the right on a world map:

American who does not know georgia is also a country

2.The American who definitely speaks only one language:

american who can't fathom people can speak multiple languages

3.The American whose skin is the least of their problems:

american who doesn't understand uk dates

4.The American whose entire world just got rocked:

american who doesn't understand metric system

5.The American who found out the hard way about May 16:

american who does not understand uk dates

6.The American whose number one enemy in life is a roundabout:

person who does not understand rounabouts

7.The American who has a totally correct history of the Eiffel Tower:

person who thinks the eiffel tower was built in vegas

8.The American who decided to name their baby the most stereotypically American name out there:

americans naming their baby rifle

9.The American who is about to be very, very hot:

person confused why their thermostat only goes to 32

10.The American who stands for all 52 states:

american who thinks the flag has 52 stars

11.The American who thinks all places need to use English names:

person who doesn't realize other countries don't use english names

12.The American who doesn't quite get percentages:

american who doesn't understand per capita rates

13.The American who needs to look at like, 15 maps:

american who thinks africa is smaller than texas

14.The American who gets SICK seeing centimeters:

american who gets sick at tthe idea of the mettric system

15.The American who can't fathom spelling differences:

person who says american english is the only right way to spell things

16.The American who might wanna double check that flag:

person who thinks the liberian flag is the american flag

17.The American who thinks only America is allowed to have marines:

person who says you shouldn't be able to call your soldiers marrines if they are not american

18.The American who has never seen 24-hour time:

american who does not know about 24 time

19.The American who has no idea that other countries have coasts:

person who thinks only america has aa west coast

America ain't the only country with a west coast, king.


20.The American who thinks dates need to flow well, for some reason:

person who says american style of writing the date flows much better

21.The American who might wanna check their sources:

american who does not know about the country of georgia

22.The American who doesn't quite understand Canada:

person who says the usa has jurisdiction over all north america

23.The American who spends their free time monologuing about spelling:

person who can't spell realize right

24.The American who desperately needs to go to Portugal:

person who says there is no water in portugal

25.The American who draws the line at centimeters:

person who says they will never play a game that uses centimeters

26.The American who needs to fry-splain the rest of the world:

person who does not understand that britiish people call fries chips

27.The American who needs to give those measurements a rest:

person coming up with inane ways to measure american measurements

28.And this guy:

person who says there would be no rest of the world without the USA