27 Spicy, Sweet & Saucy Italian Sausage Recipes to Work Into Your Weeknight Rotation

Some like it hot.

Coming up with dinner 365 days a year is always an adventure. There are so many delicious recipes available, so why is it a constant struggle? We're going to push Italian sausage to the forefront of your mind this winter though since sausage is a tasty ingredient that helps tasty meals to come together in no time! We're here to help you avoid getting stuck in a dinner rut with these 27 best Italian sausage recipes.

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What's the Difference Between Sausage and Italian Sausage?

You'll recognize Italian sausage when you taste it, but what differentiates it from pork? It's the seasoning, of course, and fennel seed in particular helps to distinguish it. Packed with herbs, Italian sausage instantly spruces up a dish just by showing up. You can make your own sausage if you prefer, so don't allow a plain package of sausage to make you yawn and ultimately stop using it.

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How To Cook Italian Sausage

Like chicken, Italian sausage is very versatile and works well in a variety of recipe options. Italian sausage can be prepared for any meal of the day. It is enjoyed as sausage links, or ground up in a variety of recipes or even cut into slices. Often you'll find it accompanying another meat—combining a mixture of ground Italian sausage with ground beef, for example. It is sometimes grilled along with chicken and steak. Add it to a jambalaya recipe with shrimp. Sausage can also be added to your favorite pasta dish, or salads, served on its own, sautéd with veggies or added to a sauce.

Sausage is delicious when fried on the stove top or prepared in the Instant Pot. An easy tip is to fry and portion it into containers, then freeze a pound or two for later use. Pull it out when you're ready to add it to a dish. This will save you a ton of time when getting meals onto the table.

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Best Italian Sausage Recipes

One thing you'll never hear is that Italian sausage is boring! It's also affordable, in addition to being delicious. Below, you will find a compiled list of hearty, filling recipes with a variety of textures and flavors. Enjoy a mildly sweet sausage dinner or venture out on the spicy sausage side. Many of these easy sausage recipes also contain colorful vegetables like Italian sausage and peppers or rich, meaty sauces like Italian sausage pasta and of course, there are lots of Italian sausage soup recipes to choose from. Enjoy!

<p>Spend With Pennies</p>

Spend With Pennies

<p>The Slow Roasted Italian</p>

The Slow Roasted Italian

<p>The Woks of Life</p>

The Woks of Life



<p>Pip and Ebby</p>

Pip and Ebby

<p>The Modern Proper</p>

The Modern Proper

<p>Pip and Ebby</p>

Pip and Ebby

<p>Savory Experiments</p>

Savory Experiments

<p>Whole Lotta Yum</p>

Whole Lotta Yum

<p>Pip and Ebby</p>

Pip and Ebby

<p>Foreign Fork</p>

Foreign Fork

<p>Hot Pan Kitchen</p>

Hot Pan Kitchen

<p>Pip and Ebby</p>

Pip and Ebby

<p>Isabel Eats</p>

Isabel Eats

<p>Homemade Hooplah</p>

Homemade Hooplah

<p>Butter and Baggage</p>

Butter and Baggage

<p>Shea Goldstein</p>

Shea Goldstein

<p>Mama Gourmand</p>

Mama Gourmand

<p>Don't Sweat the Recipe</p>

Don't Sweat the Recipe

<p>Savor with Jennifer</p>

Savor with Jennifer

<p>A Family Feast</p>

A Family Feast

<p>This Mama Cooks</p>

This Mama Cooks

<p>Well Plated</p>

Well Plated

<p>Dude That Cookz</p>

Dude That Cookz

<p>Budget Bytes</p>

Budget Bytes

<p>Simply Whisked</p>

Simply Whisked

<p>The Slow Roasted Italian</p>

The Slow Roasted Italian

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