27-year-old shares how she makes $1,100 a day online: 'Be patient'

She quit her full-time job at 22 and never looked back.

When people picture the freelancing life, they often imagine instability, chaos and living paycheck to paycheck. Yes, building a reputation in the freelancing world does take time, but once you’ve established yourself, you can slowly but surely take on more clients, raise your rates and create a six-figure empire like Alex Fasulo.

Fasulo has been freelancing full-time for more than five years. At 22 years old, she quit her full-time job in NYC, and today, she makes $400,000 a year selling her services on Fiverr alone.

As a success story herself, Fasulo firmly believes that anyone can capitalize on their talents to make money online. In fact, on TikTok, she constantly shares some of her tips for attracting clients, creating an attractive Fiverr profile and managing your time as a full-time freelancer. For people who are really serious about getting started, she also offers a course on Author’s Unite that teaches you how to become a six-figure writer.

So how did the master of freelancing herself get started on Fiverr? In an interview with In The Know, Fasulo explained that the decision to freelance full-time wasn’t a decision at all, but a necessity.

“It was really less of a decision and more-so I couldn’t bear another day at my job in NYC,” she said. “It was horrible and completely not as advertised. I couldn’t do it anymore, so I figured I’d explore Fiverr as an alternative.”

Though Fasulo jumped head-first into the freelancing world, her recommendation for others is to work on Fiverr for a few years before quitting their job “to ensure it’s a good fit.” And though it’s tempting to charge as much as possible for your services the second you start (because who doesn’t want more money?), she also says you need to charge cheaply at first.

“This will ensure you amass 5-star reviews,” Fasulo explained. “The more reviews you have, the more you can charge in the future.”

This isn’t to say that you should be afraid to raise your prices, though. Fasulo herself admitted that she was afraid to charge more when she was first starting out, and she regrets that.

“I was afraid I’d lose buyers,” she explained. “Really, I just elevated into a new class of buyers. Don’t be afraid to raise prices!”

As far as attracting customers goes, Fasulo says that imagery and marketing are key. Using “crisp” pictures of your face on everything “[makes] it easy for people to trust you,” she explained.

Advertising your services on social media is also important for reaching customers. On your social profiles, she suggests “brand[ing] yourself with colors” — that is, “pick two colors that appear in all of your photos” to give your profile a cleaner look.

Admittedly, freelancing isn’t easy at first, and Fasulo knows that. That’s why her most important piece of advice for anyone starting out (and what she wish she knew at 22 years old) is to be patient.

“Everything is going to work out,” she said. “Be kind to yourself.”

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