27 Husbands Who Made Food "Creations" That Were So Bad, Their Spouses Just HAD To Share It

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It is a truth universally acknowledged, that not everyone can cook. In fact, a lot of people don't even have particularly great taste in food. And, whatever, that's fine. I pass no judgement!


Recently, we took a look at a bunch of boyfriends who made terrible food creations. And it turns out husbands are just as bad as boyfriends when it comes to food "creations" because, NEWS FLASH, nothing changes after marriage.


So, here's a look at a bunch of husbands who made some of the most offensive things to come out of a kitchen:

1. Like this husband who improvises in the simplest way possible when his partner doesn't want to make dinner:

2. And this husband who has a questionable palate:

3. This husband who is truly chaotic:

4. This husband who needs to stop with this shit:

5. This husband who, IDK...tried? I guess?

6. This husband who "improvised" and created this monstrosity:

7. This husband who cares not about breakfast:

8. This husband who is truly chaotic:

9. This husband who must REALLY love peas:

10. This husband who, LMAO, tried a thing:

11. And this husband who, I'll admit, ALMOST got there:

12. This husband who needs to have kitchen privileges revoked:

13. This husband whose heart was in the right place anyway:

14. This husband who made his partner "cry":

16. This husband who needs to look up "chicken cordon bleu" again:

17. This husband who has a very questionable palate and sense of proportion:

18. This husband who ruined it all with a slice of cheese:

19. And this husband who ruined nothing with slices of cheese because there wasn't much to ruin in the first place:

20. This husband who thought this was okay:

21. This husband who has a truly understanding and loving partner:

22. This husband who thinks he's oh-so-funny:

23. This husband who, IN CASE YOU'RE WONDERING, uses the burrito as a "topping" for the waffles and eats it all together:

24. This husband who is ruining two perfectly good things by combining them:

25. This husband who went for a shitty-looking laugh:

26. This husband who made me say, "Wow. Just...wow.":

  u/villainess / Via reddit.com
u/villainess / Via reddit.com

27. And finally, this husband who made a meal that, as one Redditor put it, "looks like it tastes about as good as boiled cardboard."

My deepest sympathies to all their spouses!