27 House And Apartment Fails That Are Soooo Bad, I Actually Find It Offensive That They're On The Market

1.This "modern" kitchen that is indeed both "bright" and "spacious"!!!

2.This house that only gets worse the longer you stare at it:

3. This "closet":

4.This loft that is only accessible via countertop:

5. This light switch on the floor? And for what?

6.This bed setup that truly just makes no sense any way you cut it:

7. This bathroom that's giving lawn:

8. This third-ifth(?) floor????????

9. This apartment entrance that seems just a wee bit daunting, no???

10. This house from a home renovation show that we can only hope is the "before":

11. This house that freestyled in the window department:

12.This shower–power outlet situation that doesn't break ANY safety regulations — not even ONE!!!

13. These stairs that have no consistency whatsoever:

14. This ✨quarter kitchen✨:

15. This DIY catastrophe moonlighting as a "shower"??????

16. This extremely secure and not-at-all-enabling "security gate":

17.This sink that's too far to the right by, like, 3 inches and then about 2 centimeters too high, I'd say (roughly):

18. This house that possesses zero redeeming qualities, I fear:

19. This excruciatingly literal "downstairs bathroom":

20. This kitchen that can double as an ✨elevated surface✨ for wild party nights, I suppose!!!!!!!!!!

21. This lil' numerical mishap:

22. This sink-toilet:

23. This layout that feels like some weird liminal space??????

24. This interior that I literally have no words for:

25. This lil' bannister moment:

26. This house(???):

And finally:

27. This lone blind:

H/T: r/CrappyDesign.