27 Dogs Who Deserve An Award For Their Halloween Costumes

Earlier this month we asked the BuzzFeed Community to show us your favorite dog costume.

Here are some of the costumes:

1."Kristoff is Dinomyte!"

image of a dog dressed as dinomyte

2."Fred is a devilish Muppet!"

image of a dog dressed as a little devil

3.Ruth Bader Ginsburg

a dog dressed as Ruth Bader Ginsburg

4."A couple years ago my husband, our dog Tessa, and one of our cats (Buckets) were a pirate crew."

image of a guy with his two pets wearing their costume for halloween

"Our other cats do not cooperate with dressing up. Tessa was the inspiration: she's a tripod, so the opportunity to give her a peg leg was too good to pass up." —melissan40168c557


5."He’s Mexican-American."

image of a dog dressed as a hot dog

6.This anything but scary spider-dog.

image of a dog dressed as a spider

7.Here comes Chucky.

image of a dog dressed as chucky

8.Suddenly Freddy doesn't look so scary.

a dog dressed as freddy krueger

“Teddy” Krueger —primrose88



a dog on their couch dressed as disneys maleficent

10."Party on Wayne! Party on Garth!"

a dog their owner dressed up in a plaid shirt and fake glasses

11."We’re Harry and Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber".

two dogs dressed up as harry and lloyd from dumb and dumber

@charleston_the_chewookie —samanthalizarraga


12.This pup in their pupcicle shop.

image of a dog and their own in a pupcicle shop

13."A very convincing sheep."

image of a dog dressed as a sheep

14."Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum."

image of two dogs in their costume

15.This cutie dressed as Chewy.

image of a dog dressed as a chewy dot com mail marrier

16."You bet giraffe I'm cute."

a dog dressed as a giraffe

17.The undisputed Carrie Barkshaw.

image of a dog dressed as carrie bradshaw from sex and the city

"Carrie Barkshaw" —pughugsandfrenchiekisses

HBO, buzzfeed.com

18."Corn dog".

image of a dog dressed as a corn

19.A Handmaid.

a dog dressed as a character from the show titled handmaid's tale

20."Minnie is going as Scooby-Doo and she’s freaking jazzed 🥰".

image of a dog dressed as scooby doo

"Our 1.5 year old Great Dane grew so fast last Halloween that she didn’t get to wear her costume."—meganryman


21.Two adorable pups, who look oh-so-fluffy.

two small dogs in their costumes on the left is a dog in a purple fluffy costume and on the right is a dog dressed as a pumpkin

@hanaandgnocchi —hanaandgnocchi


22.Another Freddy Krueger. Just adorable.

image of a dog dressed as freddy krueger

"Goose is almost 18 years old! #readyfreddy" —kcpils


23."Bama is in a cone so we made her a VERY low effort, last minute space alien..."

image of a dog dressed as a space alien with a cone

"Who’s special antennas find human food sources to steal, LMAO." —psychictrash29


24.This chill dog surrounded by pumpkins.

image of a dog sitting around pumpkins

25."This dog's cute take on Columbia from The Rocky Horror Picture Show."

image of a dog in their costume
20th Century Fox Film Corp, buzzfeed.com

26.This sweet-looking pineapple.

image of a small dog dressed as a pineapple

"Grace as a pineapple" —goldamyd


27."Dressed my dog up as a bee. His name is Boo. So he's a Boobee."

image of a dog dressed as a bee

Any of these costumes your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.