26 Kitchen Lighting Ideas That Make a Statement

On this list you'll find statement kitchen lighting ideas for all size kitchens.

<p>Jason Donnelly</p>

Jason Donnelly

Kitchen lighting should strike a balance between beauty and function: you want it to look pretty and provide atmospheric light for all the gathering and meals you'll share, but it also needs to be functional enough that you can actually read a recipe or see what you're chopping. These kitchen lighting ideas are beautiful and they work to illuminate an island or provide a direct glow on a wall or over the sink. Read on for statement kitchen lighting ideas including pendants, sconces, and chandeliers, that strike the right balance between form and function.

Branching Hanging Pendants

<p>Brie Williams </p>

Brie Williams

For a warm allover glow, try hanging pendants with multiple bulbs that scatter light in different directions. With its knotted gold hardware and shiny white shade, this kitchen lighting seamlessly blends industrial and glam styles.

Brushed Gold Pendants

<p>Tria Giovan </p>

Tria Giovan

Your eye goes right to this pair of luxe pendant lights, which help ground the kitchen island. The brushed gold is both sturdy and traditional and fits right in among the other period details of the kitchen, like the etched glass cabinets.

Rattan Pendant Lights

<p>Anthony Masterson</p>

Anthony Masterson

A natural material keeps this kitchen statement lighting airy. Paired with other elemental materials like stone and leather, this trio of pendants fits right in while still being unique from the rest of the decor.

Antler Statement Lighting

<p>Rachel McGinn</p>

Rachel McGinn

Bring a touch of nature inside with this sculptural statement lighting crafted from antlers. The bulbs seem to disappear when the light is off, but they'll illuminate the horns and the rest of the room with a warm glow when on.

Black & White Lighting

<p>Seth Smoot</p>

Seth Smoot

While the main event here is the slightly retro oversized glass light which hangs above the island, the smaller matte black sconces illuminate the floating shelves and cast an atmospheric glow, especially when they're the only lights on.

Branched Lighting

<p>Kim Cornelison</p>

Kim Cornelison

This modern branched chandelier in a brushed black finish is not only visually impactful but it provides a lot of light over the island. It has a modern appeal but with lovely traditional touches like the knobbed arms.

Semi-Flush Mount Statement Light

<p>Anne D. Schlechter</p>

Anne D. Schlechter

This fun and bright semi-flush mount kitchen light has a whimsical modern-meets-retro feel. When the shape and style of your statement lighting is simple, you don't have to shy away from color.

Chainmail Lighting

<p>Elizabeth Howard</p>

Elizabeth Howard

If you're unsure where to start with statement lighting, look to the hardware in the rest of the room. Here a pendant inspired by gold chainmail takes its cues from the faucet but adds a modern edge.

Embrace Retro Style

<p>John Granen</p>

John Granen

A dome flush mount has a slight retro feel while also feeling very current. One way to add a bit more interest to this style is to opt for light fixtures that have a different color inside (like the gold here) and experiment with using opaque bulbs or clear bulbs to see what you like best.

Traditional Pendant Lights

<p>John Granen</p>

John Granen

At home in a more traditional kitchen, these weighty hanging lights are dramatic and sculptural while remaining streamlined thanks to their matte black coloring. The horseshoe gold hardware adds a bit of a modern statement that keeps the room current.

Keep The Statement Simple

<p>David A Land</p>

David A Land

Simple and streamlined while still being impactful, these elegant pendant lights finish the room. With their thin stem and sleek domed shape, these look crisp and modern while still being at home with more traditional aspects of the kitchen like the stove.

Globe Pendant Lights

<p>Annie Schlechter</p>

Annie Schlechter

Clear globe lights go with any color scheme and they look especially sophisticated paired with nickel or silver. When opting for a colorless globe, be sure that the bulb is also clear for a seamless look.

Gold & Milk Glass Statement Lighting

<p>Anthony Masterson </p>

Anthony Masterson

Mid-century and traditional elements effortlessly blend in this kitchen featuring luxurious gold pendant light with milk glass domes and brushed gold accents. Heavier statement lighting always pairs well with a simple, uncluttered island.

Be Mindful Of Size



When choosing lighting for your kitchen, it's important to take into account the size of the room as statement lighting may overwhelm a smaller space. Here, perfectly sized globe lights are two-toned with silver streak across the center.

Lantern-Inspired Lighting

<p>Jason Donnelly</p>

Jason Donnelly

This trio of lantern-inspired statement lights is right at home in the farmhouse kitchen. While they're oversized, the clear shades seem to disappear and keep the fixtures from overwhelming the rest of the room.

Try A Kitchen Wall Sconce

<p>Ryan Bent</p>

Ryan Bent

You may think of sconces as being for bedrooms or reading nooks, but this brass finished sconce is perfect for illuminating the sink. It gives off the perfect amount of direct light, thanks to the downward bent of the arm.

A Brushed Gold Sconce

<p>Ellie Lillstrom</p>

Ellie Lillstrom

Another win for kitchen sconces, this brushed gold option is simply stunning. It may be an unconventional lighting choice but sconces blend both fashion and function, especially in a small kitchen that may be overwhelmed by an overhead light.

Modern Kitchen Lighting

<p> BH&G_Tashima_GGibson_6_Kitchen_433.tif</p>


With its thin branched arms, this sleek statement light casts a lot of light while looking sculptural and not too complicated. It has a modern profile that's unconventional.

Mid-Century Statement Lights

<p>Jay Wilde</p>

Jay Wilde

Three simple, organic globe lights look right at home in this mid-century kitchen. Consider, also, the colors of the room and what the light will be bouncing off. Here the pale walls and white island will amplify and scatter light, whereas darker walls and surfaces absorb light making a space more moody.

A Pendant Trip With One Stem

<p>Jay Wilde</p>

Jay Wilde

To get the look of multiple pendant lights when you have space constraints in a smaller kitchen, consider a lighting fixture that has multiple bulbs and shades held together by one stem. This way, you'll still get light casting in different directions but will also maximize space.

Oversized Shade Pendants

<p>Stacy Zarin Goldberg </p>

Stacy Zarin Goldberg

Shaped like traditional lamp shades, these oversized pendant lights look gorgeous above the large island. This is a good example of letting the room's size dictate your lighting choices and the vaulted ceilings and breadth of the room allow for bigger, bolder pendants.

Rattan Pendants

<p>Peter Molick</p>

Peter Molick

Rattan pendant shades look casual and boho in this stunning kitchen. Rattan lighting and decor is a good way to incorporate natural materials into your kitchen in a way that looks airy and textured by still neutral enough for most color schemes.

A Statement Chandelier

<p>Werner Straube</p>

Werner Straube

Truly a statement piece, this geometrical chandelier looks just as much like a piece of art as it does a lighting fixture. Nestled mesh domes in a chainmail weave tie in nicely with the kitchen's wallpaper.

Wooden Cage-Style Pendant Lights

<p>Jeff Herr</p>

Jeff Herr

Statement lighting in a kitchen is a good way to tie in all the pops of color or texture you've used elsewhere in the room. Here birdcage style wood pendants lend a Japandi style to the kitchen that brings out the other wooden accents like the floating shelves.

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