This $26 Grout Cleaner Takes the Strain Out of Scrubbing Tiles

using rubbermaid scrubber to clean grout on white tile
This $26 Grout Cleaner Makes Cleaning EasierPopular Mechanics; Rubbermaid

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It's home reno time, and that also means learning about methods of cleaning that you probably weren't taught in school. And, let's face it, in between Calculus and Spanish 101, no one was talking about how clean grout to make a bathroom or kitchen look spotless.

If you want your space to feel fresh this season, grout is an area you cannot miss. Stained grout can make tiles look old and dirty even if the surface of the tiles themselves is completely spotless. We've given advice on how to find the best grout cleaner that is tough enough to remove stains but not so harsh it takes off the protective seal. But even the best spray still requires a whole lot of scrubbing.

This $26 Rubbermaid cordless power scrubber, however, reduces the strain involved in cleaning grout. The battery-powered scrubbing brush does some of the work for you— think of it like an electric toothbrush. It has two different scrub settings, too: "pulse" and "continuous scrubbing."

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Cordless Battery Power Scrubber


The brush is cordless and lightweight, with an ergonomic grip to make it even easier on the hands and wrists. Rubbermaid's Amazon listing claims that the brushhead scrubs 60 times per second, making it up to twice as fast as the manual alternatives. Its small size makes it even more thorough at cleaning tight spaces, so it can be used on baths, showers, kitchen counters, and even places that simply need an extra scrub like grills or ovens.

Don't just take it from us: over 13,000 customers have left the brush a five-star rating on Amazon. "This wand brush speeds through the chore of cleaning around the faucets and drains. It works like crazy," one reviewer said.

"If you are like me and you're ultra lazy, this tool is for you. Or if you're the opposite of me and love having a really deep clean, this tool is also for you," another buyer wrote, calling it "one of my favorite purchases ever."

Shop the fan-favorite must-have on Amazon along with their other grout cleaning supplies.

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