25 Ways to Go Green(er) At Home

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While Earth Day was a time to think about the health of our planet and your contributions to its wellness, we certainly shouldn't be taking it for granted the other 364 days a year.

"A healthy planet affects all of us, from air quality, soil, and food health, to environmental justice and healthy oceans, and all our daily actions can have a positive or negative effect on our planet and environmental health," explains Lea D'Auriol, founder of Oceanic Global, an international non-profit that aims to inspire people to care deeply for the ocean while providing solutions to protect it. "We need to come back into balance with nature and co-exist, and the only way to do so is if we start to look at what impact we are having and how we can change our choices to support people and the planet."

As individuals, we have the opportunity -- and, more pointedly, the obligation -- to support businesses, people, and systems that are doing things right. "Change needs to happen at all levels, and starting in your home is a great way to become aware of how to have a more minimal impact on the environment," says D'Auriol. "These choices help support system changes that ripple out and encourage all levels of society from larger corporations to state regulations to put environmental action at the heart of their decision making."

Read on to discover some notable brands that offer helpful products that reduce waste and minimize your carbon footprint.

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