25 Steal-the-Show Christmas Dinner Ideas That Are *Chef's Kiss*

From beef tenderloin and bouillabaisse, to vegan shepherd's pie.

As the year comes to a close, the turkey is roasted, the holiday gifts are being purchased and the pumpkins are put away—it's officially time to get laser-focused on The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

On social media, I've seen this question roaming around for the last couple of months, "What should I make for Christmas dinner?" And usually, only two or three of the same dishes would come on every single comment thread. It was then that I knew I had to round up 25 of the best Christmas dinner ideas that could really wow guests, impress the in-laws and be showstoppers on the Christmas dinner table at the same time.

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Best Christmas Dinner Ideas

These are recipes of all kinds, from slow cooker Christmas dishes to pressure cooker holiday meals. From mouthwatering Beef Tenderloin and Bouillabaisse, to vegan Shepherd's Pie. From simple to super fancy—and all are seriously easy-to-make delicious family-pleasing main courses.

So browse through these fantastic dinner ideas and imagine the oohs and ahhs you'll receive when you present these gorgeous dishes this holiday season!

<p>Every Little Crumb</p>

Every Little Crumb

<p>Grandbaby Cakes</p>

Grandbaby Cakes

<p>Sweet Tea and Thyme</p>

Sweet Tea and Thyme

<p>Seasoned Sprinkles</p>

Seasoned Sprinkles

<p>JZ Eats</p>

JZ Eats

<p>Slow the Cook Down</p>

Slow the Cook Down

<p>Erhardts Eat</p>

Erhardts Eat

<p>The Suburban Soapbox</p>

The Suburban Soapbox

<p>The Belly Rules the Mind</p>

The Belly Rules the Mind

<p>House of Nash Eats</p>

House of Nash Eats

<p>Grandbaby Cakes</p>

Grandbaby Cakes

<p>I Just Make Sandwiches</p>

I Just Make Sandwiches

<p>Vikalinka by Julia Frey</p>

Vikalinka by Julia Frey

<p>Sweet Tea and Thyme</p>

Sweet Tea and Thyme

<p>Renee Nicole's Kitchen</p>

Renee Nicole's Kitchen

<p>Recipes Worth Repeating</p>

Recipes Worth Repeating

<p>The Anthony Kitchen</p>

The Anthony Kitchen

<p>The Little Kitchen</p>

The Little Kitchen

<p>Beyond Mere Sustenance</p>

Beyond Mere Sustenance

<p>Homemade Interest</p>

Homemade Interest

<p>Thinly Spread</p>

Thinly Spread

<p>My Pure Plants</p>

My Pure Plants

<p>Vegan Huggs</p>

Vegan Huggs

<p>Wholesome Yum</p>

Wholesome Yum

<p>Just a Little Bit of Bacon</p>

Just a Little Bit of Bacon

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