25 Small Home Gym Ideas To Suit Any Space

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Ninoon / Getty Images

Homes are places to replenish our minds, bodies, and spirits. So when you have a space to be active and get a sweat on in your own home, it’s always nice to take advantage of it. Home gyms allow you to roll right out of bed into the gym. Or, on busy days, they offer an easy way to get a workout in without having to leave the house.

You might not think there’s room for a whole gym in your home. But there are so many creative and clever ways to create a home gym, whether it has its own room or is tucked in the corner of your living space. With the right layout and tricks, a small home gym is totally possible regardless of your square footage—and can look great, too. Not sure where to start? Check out these 25 small home gym ideas for inspiration.

Neat Gym

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A well-appointed, classic storage system keeps this home gym looking pretty—and almost fully concealed. A cubby bookcase provides plenty of room to store equipment out of sight, although it's still easily accessible. This is a great option if you need to put your gym in an existing space like the living room. You can even decorate the shelf with plants and shatter-free vases to help it blend in with its surroundings.

Breezy Gym

<p>Design by <a href="https://www.instagram.com/carolynleonadesign/" data-component="link" data-source="inlineLink" data-type="externalLink" data-ordinal="1">@carolynleonadesign</a> / Photography by <a href="https://www.dustinpeckphoto.com/" data-component="link" data-source="inlineLink" data-type="externalLink" data-ordinal="2" rel="nofollow">Dustin Peck</a></p>

You can't go wrong with the classics. Deceivingly simple, this home gym actually has beautifully cohesive colors and materials that make for a great home gym. Oaky accents trickle down from the baskets, stools, and counters to the paneled ceiling and bamboo shades. Motivational artwork in the form of a graphic print keeps things fun yet clean, set in a black tone to match the additional black accents throughout the space. Don't forget to utilize the ceiling to hang items and accessories if you're short on square footage.

Coastal Gym

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It's always fun to go with a coastal theme. This Florida home gym is decked out in neutral tones and blue accents—seen in the patterned drapes and credenza, which is a great way to store extra workout accessories out of sight, like dumbbells, towels, or straps. Note that the colorway even extends to the baskets, yoga mats, and blocks for a cohesive look.

Farmhouse Gym

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Another savvy storage option, this simple pegboard has cylinders and rectangular slats poking out of it to house everything from shoes to straps to cleaning supplies, and more. A great aspect of pegboards is that you can adjust the pegs as needed if you end up getting more equipment or simply want to change up the look.

Contemporary Gym

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Who said a gym can't be design-forward? This modern space features frosted glass panels, marble-effect flooring, and oaky ceilings for an elevated feel. The stone and wood materials help ground the senses, bringing in natural elements to balance out the metallic gym equipment. The machines are kept a standard black hue to keep the palette refined.

Indoor-Outdoor Gym

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With views of the serene scenery outside, this gym strikes the perfect balance of active and calming. Wide glass-paneled doors open up to the yard, which also lets in lots of natural light. A fun wood-paneled wall decorates the indoor area, though the color palette is kept in a simple gray monochrome palette to let the view shine.

Airy Gym

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The lofty space tucks a home gym in the corner, set up horizontally against the back wall. A corkboard offers room to hang items like straps, bags, and yoga mats. Plus, a ladder shelf houses the towels while a circular coffee table houses weights and blocks.

Patterned Gym

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This home gym doesn't shy away from pattern, swathing its walls and even the inside of the closet in a brush-stroke print. Red accents offer a pop of color to brighten up the B&W palette. Note that the bottom section of the wall is kept black to prevent it from getting dirty with wall workouts.

Earthy Gym

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This home gym instantly puts you at ease, set in a soothing palette of earth tones. A textured tile decorates the back wall. Below, built-in cabinets offer easy organization for weights, towels, dirty laundry, and even a mini fridge. Brass accents in the decor and a couple of houseplants help brighten it all up.

Serene Gym

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Don't be afraid to play with color. A cool, calming palette can totally transform a home gym from intimidating to approachable. This teal number expertly applies the color on a two-toned accent wall, as well as in the workout gear itself. A ladder shelf creates a spot to decorate and add cute accessories. Plus, a cozy armchair is set up to take breaks or lounge post-sweat session.

Sleek Gym

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Sometimes, all you need is a spare corner to craft your home gym. This sleek spot is outfitted with simple black industrial artwork to set a sophisticated tone. A tiered table rack houses weights in certain compartments, while others have wire baskets to organize items like towels, yoga mats, and other accessories. It gets down to the details, as the baskets and table also have black metallic accents to match the artwork.

Consolidated Gym

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If you're in need of a seamless storage idea, take notes from this gym. Various peg boards, garage rails, and wire baskets offer ample room to stash workout equipment across a slim portion of the wall. An entryway bench below it provides a more decorative area, topped with a woven basket and coffee table books.

Minimalist Gym

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This home gym keeps things clean and simple, glazing its walls in creamy white and keeping the floors a light wash of wood. Pops of color come in with the weights, while the rest of the equipment is kept a standard black to minimize unnecessary distractions.

Woodsy Gym

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This wood-drenched gym feels warm and burly. Motivational photos are displayed on the walls as a reminder of progress and achievement. If you're an athlete, you can also put your awards or medals on display, too. A fun bear graphic is even carved into a wood panel for added character.

Organic Gym

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Airy and bright, this home gym is tucked in the corner of a room. Light wood accents proliferate the space, from panels coating the walls down to the framing of the mirror. Lots of hooks and hinges are drilled into said wood panels, optimizing vertical space to store the equipment—and to prevent from having to drill holes directly into the walls.

Angular Gym

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This slim home gym is set up horizontally against an angular wall, engulfed in light-toned wood panels for textural splendor. The machines face two large windows, which stream in plenty of light—and offer a nice view. The color scheme is kept blue and black to balance out the brightness and create cohesion.

Luxurious Gym

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This breezy home gym has a spa-like feel. The serene slatted accent wall draws the eye in, complete with a mounted TV and an oaky built-in box to house baskets of towels. Plants further cater to the organic theme, while the remaining walls are kept blank for a relaxing feel.

Ornate Gym

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Less is more in this grounding gym—where all the oomph comes from the architectural details. The walls are outfitted in ornate wooden molding, which extends from the ceiling, down the walls, until it seals at the floors. A creamy base of white seeps between, decorated in dainty dot detailing for added visual interest.

Functional Gym

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This classic home gym has shock-absorbing rubber flooring for extra protection. All the equipment and weights are set against a stout portion of the wall, placed horizontally to maximize floor space. The benches are adjustable and the squat racks fold back for even more consolidation.

Garage Gym

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To prevent a gym from taking up too much square footage, you can always set it up horizontally against a wall. This gym, for example, sets up various equipment and weights along the back wall, so that it's not in the way of foot traffic. It's also helpful to use spaces that would otherwise go untouched—this gym, for instance, is set up in the garage of the home.

Outdoor Gym

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If you have a balcony, it might just be the perfect space to set up your home gym. It allows for a natural breeze as you work out, plus a great view and fresh air. This space keeps it simple with tri-toned yoga mats and classic white blocks to get in a serene morning stretch. You can always store other gear, like towels and weights, in a weather-proof basket if you like to have more accessories.

Basement Gym

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This standard home gym one is stashed in the basement and adorned with ombre tiles. The walls are kept bare for a minimal look, with some light peeking through slim windows by the ceiling. An adjustable rack houses most of the weights, as well.

Consolidated Gym

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Tight and compact, this gym makes the most of its floor and wall space. Giving everything a home—like hooks for straps, a wall-mounted weight rack, and nooks for mats—ensures that the space is kept tidy post-workout. Plus, it helps the basement entryway stay open and clear.

Woodwork Gym

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A truly tiny setup, this home gym is coated in a pastel blue and accented with woodwork for a stroke of warmth. A red oak peg rack makes use of wall space to store gear. Plus, a walnut shelf with a foe-live edge provides a spot to keep your phone or other small items.

Motivational Gym

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This petite gym features classic motivational artwork along its walls to keep the sweat going. The weights and straps are organized on a simple black rack, with equipment and floor pads set in the same tone to match. A jute basket stores vibrant mats, while plants add liveliness.

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