25 Puzzle Apps That'll Challenge Your Brain—Including Word Puzzle Apps, Logic Puzzle Apps and More!

The best free puzzle games you can download for kids and adults.

Have you found yourself more bored than usual lately? If so, you might want to consider downloading some puzzle apps to your iPhone. There are hundreds out there to choose from, but we’ve narrowed down a list that includes the 25 best free puzzle games for Androids and for iPhones.

But don’t worry, these aren’t just jigsaw puzzle apps! While we do have one in our lineup, the others we found include all sorts of variations of puzzle apps to choose from.

In this list, you'll find puzzle apps that have to do with numbers, word puzzle apps that are based on how well you spell, ones that art lovers will thrive at, mobile puzzle games that involve thinking outside the box and other puzzle apps that will take you on adventures. For the best puzzle games in the App Store to Android puzzle apps, here are free puzzle apps to try out.

No matter what kind of puzzles you’re a fan of, you'll find something to love on this list!

25 Best Free Puzzle Games

1. Tangle Master 3D

If you’re looking for a challenge, Tangle Master 3D is for you. The puzzle has countless tangled-up pieces of different colored ropes that you have to undo. And while that might seem like a piece of cake to figure out, don’t get ahead of yourself. Each level gets more difficult as extra tangled ropes are added to the mess you have to untangle. (Free, Google Play and App Store)

2. Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles

Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles is perfect for all ages. It’s not only fun, but it’s a great way to exercise your mind. And with loads of riddles to solve, you’ll be addicted to figuring them out in no time. No puzzle will be too hard for you to solve once you complete these. (Free, Google Play and App Store)

3. Match 3D

With cute combinations of animals, food, emojis and more to pair up, what’s not to like about the Match 3D app? It’s a puzzle-matching game everyone in your family can enjoy playing. Each level gets harder and harder as the objects become more difficult to find as a timer counts down so you really have to pay attention and focus to solve all the puzzles. (Free, Google Play and App Store)

4. Block! Hexa Puzzle Game

Do you like games where you have to perfectly fit pieces together? If so, Block! Hexa Puzzle is calling your name. In each level, you’ll be given different shaped blocks that you have to carefully place into a board without rotating them. See if you can solve all 300 of the game’s puzzles. (Free, Google Play and App Store)

5. Prison Escape Puzzle Adventure

If you think you’re an expert puzzle solver, put your skills to the test with Prison Escape Puzzle Adventure. In the game, you’ll find yourself locked up in an old city prison in Alcatraz. In order to escape the prison and get off the remote island in general, you must correctly figure out all the puzzles you’re faced with. (Free, Google Play and App Store)

6. Water Sort Puzzle

This Water Sort Puzzle is like a colorful science experiment. Each test tube is filled with different colors—some will even have multiple shades in them. To play, you have to tap a test tube for it to start pouring its colored water into another test tube with that same color. The goal of the puzzle each round is to sort all of the colors into their correct test tubes without them mixing up or filling up. (Free, Google Play and App Store)

7. Jigsaw Puzzles—Epic

No longer are jigsaw puzzles something you can only do at home. Thanks to the Jigsaw Puzzle—Epic app, you can work on one from basically anywhere you are. The app gives you over 10,000 jigsaw puzzle pictures to choose from, or you can even create one from a picture you have. And if that’s not cool enough, there are 11 different levels of puzzles on the app and some have up to 625 pieces in them, so you’re sure to be challenged. (Free, Google Play and App Store)

8. The Birdcage

This puzzle is unlike any others. The Birdcage app has a mystical storyline about a heartbroken King who has locked away all of the ocean-colored birds that populate his kingdom because they remind him of the son he lost. However, in doing so he stole the wind from the sky, which can only be brought back when the birds are released. It’s your job to solve the puzzles and riddles in each level to help all the birds escape so the wind can blow in the kingdom again. (Free, Google Play and App Store)

9. Polysphere—Art Of Puzzle

This is the most beautiful puzzle app you’ll ever play. In fact, Polysphere — Art Of Puzzle will make you feel like you’re an artist trying to complete a picture as you swipe and rotate the shattered 3D illustration until it’s whole again. You’ll smile every time you complete one of the puzzles. (Free, Google Play and App Store)

10. Puzzledom

If you’re a puzzle fanatic and are looking for an app that has a ton of different puzzles in one place, Puzzledom is for you! It not only has a variety of puzzles, but the best part is you can play on the app without having WIFI and it doesn’t give you a time limit. (Free, Google Play and App Store)

11. Block Puzzle—Brain Games

Block Puzzle is a wood-style block game that challenges you to fit blocks of all shapes and sizes into a 10x10 grid. Whenever you successfully drag and drop the blocks and make a row or column, it’s then eliminated. See how many rows and columns you can make! (Free, App Store)

12. Diggy’s Adventure Puzzle Games

You’ll be off on an adventure in this 2D puzzle mine maze. Along your journey you’ll have Diggy, the Professor, Linda and Rusty to explore the mines with as you all try to acquire various items to help you figure out the jigsaw puzzles. There are also over 1000 riddles for you to solve, 500+ mazes for you to escape from and four different locations you can choose from when you play Diggy’s Adventure Puzzle Games. (Free, Google Play and App Store)

13. Escape Room: Mystery Word

Are you missing going to escape rooms with your friends because of the pandemic? If so, you’re going to become obsessed with Escape Room: Mystery Word. It puts you in an escape room and gives you three hints for you to solve the puzzle in order to for you to get out. Once you make it out, you can continue playing the 300+ levels. (Free, Google Play and App Store)

14. Mansion of Puzzles—Escape

Put your detective hat on, you’ll need it for this game. In Mansion of Puzzles—Escape, it’s up to you to solve mini puzzles, riddles and other challenges in order to open the mansion’s 100 doors and solve the mystery of each level. (Free, Google Play and App Store)

15. Candy Crush Saga

You can’t have a puzzle app roundup without including one of the most popular puzzle games out there: Candy Crush Saga. This game is loved by millions and features thousands of levels where your quick thinking will be rewarded with candy combos. See how many matches of three or more candies you can get in a row to move on to higher levels. (Free, Google Play and App Store)

16. Parking Jam 3D

In Parking Jam 3D, you have to figure out how to get everyone’s cars out of the way so you can get out without running into any of the traffic. However, there’s a catch: you have to get them out in order, which makes this puzzle so much harder to solve than you’d think. Who knows? This puzzle game may even help you out IRL if you ever find yourself in a tricky parking situation and need to come up with a strategy. (Free, Google Play and App Store)

17. Pack Master

You’ll want to remember how you packed all of this puzzle's items into a suitcase when you’re packing for your next trip. Pack Master puts your organizational skills to the test as you have to perfectly place each object into your bag. And we’re not talking about just finding space for clothes in there, oh no, you’ll have to get everything from plants to shoes to snorkels and even items like crowns and bowling balls to fit. Good luck! (Free, Google Play and App Store)

18. Numpuz: Number Puzzle Games

Prove you’re a numbers whiz with Numpuz! Each game has a square that’s filled with numbered tiles, with one empty space. The goal is to find a way to slide all of the tiles into the correct order. There are six different puzzle levels of difficulty you can choose from, so have fun trying to conquer them all. (Free, Google Play and App Store)

19. Sudoku

If you’re searching for a puzzle game that will give your mind a workout, try Sudoku. There are over 5,0000 logical number puzzle games to choose from and four difficulty levels you can attempt. All you have to do is place the digits 1-9 into a grid so that each number only appears once in each row, each column and each mini-grid. (Free, App Store)

20. Toon Blast

This puzzle is the cutest! Why? It lets you enter a cartoon world that includes Cooper Cat, Wally Wolf and Bruno Bear as you try to solve tons of whacky and challenging puzzles so that the toon gang can travel. It’s no wonder kids and adults both can enjoy Toon Blast. (Free, Google Play and App Store)

21. Picture Cross

What do you get when you combine puzzle-solving with art? Picture Cross! You can start off on the easiest level and work your way up to the expert level as you solve each puzzle to reveal the mystery artwork. (Free, Google Play and App Store)

22. Puzzle Page—Daily Puzzles!

Think of this app as a nonstop puzzle service! Each day, there are brand new puzzles you can choose from so you never have to try to solve the same one twice. You can even use the app’s calendar to browse through any puzzles you missed from earlier in the week or to discover more of your favorite types of puzzles to do on the app. (Free, Google Play and App Store)

23. Word Connect

Word Connect is the ultimate spelling puzzle game! It challenges you to think fast and combine the letters you see into as many words as you can so that you can collect coins. And with 12,700 levels, you never have to worry about finding another app to spend your time on. (Free, Google Play and App Store)

24. Mr. Bullet—Spy Puzzles

Mr. Bullet—Spy Puzzles is a unique puzzle game you won’t want to skip out on! It sends you on a secret mission to take down your enemies and rescue hostages by doing what? Using your mind and solving puzzles! (Free, Google Play and App Store)

25. Unblock Me

Want endless hours of fun? Then, download Unblock Me! The puzzle game has over 18,000 puzzles for you to solve. Plus, it lets you choose from four challenging modes: relax, challenge, multi-player or daily. (Free, Google Play and App Store)

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