25 Gross And Hilarious Screenshots Of Food That Turned Out To Be Completely Disappointing

1.This person who ordered takeout from their favorite restaurant, and then realized someone forgot to remove the, um, sticker from their food:

arrow pointing to a piece of bell pepper with a sticker still on it
u/nthensome / Via reddit.com

Well, I hope it was washed!!!

  u/nthensome / Via reddit.com
u/nthensome / Via reddit.com

2.This person who ordered some wings after the server said they were a "good size":

tiny buffalo wing
u/TheCamiloCano / Via reddit.com

3.This person who was disappointed after paying $8.39 for this chicken sandwich ALONE:

plain, small chicken sandwich
u/TheRiftsplitter / Via reddit.com

4.This ~vegetarian dinner~ at a catered event:

plate with large chunks of vegetables
u/EmotionSix / Via reddit.com

5.This person who was just trying to get help with their DoorDash order:

person keeps asking their doordash what number they'd be calling from
u/NoError404 / Via reddit.com

6.This person who found THIS in their Pop-Tart:

mysterious brown chunk on a pop tart
u/TheMisterSirs / Via reddit.com

What is THAT???

man with a confused face

7.This person who bought a bunch of chicken nuggets and found out they're all hollow:

hollow nugget
u/BAETTE / Via reddit.com

8.This parent who wanted some Oreos, only to realize their kids just put an empty container back in the pantry:

empty package
u/NotJoeDierte / Via reddit.com

9.This person who opened the fridge and saw how their roommate decided to store raw chicken:

raw chicken on a plate
u/ChipTechno / Via reddit.com


closeup of the exposed chicken
u/ChipTechno / Via reddit.com

10.This person who did NOT get their Sausage McMuffin:

ham instead of sausage
u/Agreeable-Camera5420 / Via reddit.com

11.This person who will somehow have to remove this can lid from the kitchen sink:

tin top blocking the sink drain
u/Immediate-Cress-1014 / Via reddit.com

12.This person who realized their parents' fridge is FILLED with expired everything:

all the expiration dates
u/jakem415 / Via reddit.com

13.This customer's total after using a 50% discount on their food order:

additional fees adding up after the discount to only make it $3 cheaper
u/Possible_Resort9672 / Via reddit.com

14.This person who paid $7.99 for this half loaf of bread:

large holes in the bread
u/PutinontheRiitz / Via reddit.com

I'm surprised, too.

closeup of a cat peeking through one of the bread holes
u/PutinontheRiitz / Via reddit.com

15.This parent who ordered a "naked" cake for their daughter's birthday, but got this instead:

cake and happy birthday naked written
u/Gran_Jefe / Via reddit.com

16.This person who tried to open a carton of cream, but...:

open tab broken
u/sulfhydrogoldnitro / Via reddit.com

17.This restaurant that's really selling a "Hungry Man's Special" and a "Hungry Woman's Special" — and the woman's meal is literally half the food for a dollar less:

u/Jomalar / Via reddit.com

18.This boss's wife who stole an employee's cheese at work, and then left it in the fridge like this:

cheese outside of the packet
u/pinkflip06 / Via reddit.com

19.This person who discovered their sandwich only had this one, sad pickle:

one small pickle
u/darthrio / Via reddit.com

20.This person who found out they had a surprise 5% kitchen appreciation fee on their restaurant bill:

arrow pointing to the fee on the receipt
u/xoma262 / Via reddit.com
  u/xoma262 / Via reddit.com
u/xoma262 / Via reddit.com

21.This vanilla caramel swirl ice cream that has not one swirl in sight:

no caramel swirl in the vanilla ice cream
u/Chrissthom / Via reddit.com

22.This pastry that was supposed to be cream-filled:

hollow pastry
u/Cupy_20 / Via reddit.com

23.This pizza delivery that arrived with a missing slice:

missing slice in a pizza
u/alloutoffux / Via reddit.com

24.This person who was ready for taco night, but realized they literally had a bunch of broken shells:

broken taco shells on a pan
u/ashlehtt / Via reddit.com

25.And finally, this parent who discovered a worm in their daughter's pickles:

arrow pointing to the worm outside the pickle
u/loveofGod12345 / Via reddit.com


  u/loveofGod12345 / Via reddit.com, Nickelodeon
u/loveofGod12345 / Via reddit.com, Nickelodeon

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