25-year-old bride’s child-free wedding invitation enrages guests: ‘You should pay for our babysitter’

A woman’s response to angry wedding guests has gone viral on TikTok — and while some people totally disagree, many parents are applauding her perspective.

Newlywed and TikToker Lydia (@_lydia_claire) gained over 4 million views, 783,000 likes, and 5,500 comments when she posted the video to her account.

Now, much like the father of the bride who stopped halfway down the aisle to grab his daughter’s stepdad, Lydia’s wedding is causing waves on TikTok.

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Lydia’s video, which uses a popular TikTok sound involving Elmo and his dreaded nemesis Rocco, tells the story of an invited wedding guest who took issue with her child-free policy.

“If you’re not inviting kids to your wedding, then you should pay for our babysitter,” the unnamed person allegedly told Lydia.

“Your kids aren’t my responsibility,” Lydia replied.

“I guess I can’t come then,” the guest responded.

The clip ends with Lydia using Elmo’s line, “Oh well, too bad, bye Rocco.”

Some TikTokers were totally opposed to Lydia’s stance on kids at weddings, and let her know in the comments.

“I love my nieces and nephews and wanted them there. What’s up with people?” one user asked.

“As someone whose family included the children in everything we do as a family, having child-free anything is an odd concept,” wrote another viewer.

“Yes, 100% — but you also shouldn’t be upset when important people in your life aren’t at your wedding because of this mindset,” one user commented.

“Perfectly fine to not want kids at your wedding; just don’t be upset when some folks don’t show. I don’t go anywhere without my babies,” wrote another.

But some people — including parents — were completely on Lydia’s side and loved the idea of a kid-free wedding.

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“Bro, I’m a mom. Working on baby number two, and I’d rather go to a no-kid wedding or to a wedding without my kids. Less anxiety,” one user wrote.

“As a parent, I prefer kid-free events. If I’m given enough time, I can find a sitter, and if I can’t, then I don’t go; duh,” commented another.

“Most of the time, the kids don’t even wanna be there either,” wrote one viewer.

“Two people celebrating THEIR love, paying for THEIR party, don’t want the concern of OTHER people’s children? Why are people not getting it?” asked another user.

No matter how people feel about how she celebrated her big day, Lydia and her groom made the choice that felt right to them, and she confidently stands by that decision.

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