25 Mind-Blowing Graphs And Charts That'll Make You Look At The World With Fresh Eyes

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1. This graph shows how important Roe v. Wade is for women's health and safety:

2. This graph shows that the same (small) percentage of people have been hating on Roe v. Wade for decades:

3. This graph shows that The Office reigns supreme in Google searches:

4. This graph shows how goddamn hard it was for a 2020 college graduate to find a job:

5. This chart shows how susceptible you are to getting your account hacked:

6. This graph shows the Republican Party's advantage in the US Senate:

7. This graph shows the dramatic decrease in child deaths from unintentional injuries (mostly vehicles) since 1980:

8. This graph shows how ridiculously hard it is to get a job as a mechanical engineer:

9. This graph shows just how sensitive sleep quality is:

10. This graph shows the injustices of inflation (relating to the Costco hot dog combo):

11. This graph shows the most spoken languages in the entire world:

12. This graph shows the chaos of baby sleep patterns:

13. This map shows the countries people did not have fun in:

14. This graph shows what the Earth would look like if it were, indeed, flat:

15. This graph shows the decrease in popularity of Facebook happy birthday posts over a decade (for just one person, but hey, I certainly relate to this):

16. This graph shows the massive progress female marathon runners have made in the past century:

17. This graph shows just how much Wes Anderson reuses actors for his movies:

18. This graph shows how reliant people have become on online dating for meeting people:

19. This graph shows just how large California's economy is:

20. This graph shows how "the slap" affected the Twitter sentiment toward Will Smith:

21. This graph shows how dangerous the 4th of July really is:

22. This graph shows how dang old the US House and Senate are compared to the country's population:

23. This graph shows how parents said "nope" to the name "Alexa" after the launch of the echo:

24. This map shows the states that have more cows than people:

25. And this graph shows how living with a spouse has become less and less prevalent throughout the years:

H/T: r/dataisbeautiful