25 Head-Scratching Photos Of Once-Popular Kitchen Tools That Basically Disappeared Over The Past 50 Years

For the most part, they really don't make kitchen tools like they used to. But most importantly, and as evidenced by the following list, they actually just...straight-up don't make most of them anymore. I combed through the always-fascinating r/vintagekitchentoys subreddit to find the most mind-boggling kitchen tools from days of yore, and I've gotta admit, I'd do anything to own a handful of these. Here are the coolest of the bunch:

1.The original cookie gun and pastry decorator, which allowed people to effortlessly pipe out cookie and frosting shapes.

cookie gun and pastry decorator
u/ditayylmao / Via reddit.com

2.The DrinkMaster, which...basically just mixed drinks.

DrinkMaster blender with a stainless steel mixing cup

But it looked REALLY cool.

u/CatMomwithKids / Via reddit.com

3.This — believe it or not — is a toaster. And I wish they still made them like this.

toaster with a mirror-finish stainless steel front, with stars on it
u/eldersveld / Via reddit.com

4.Back when times were simpler, lots of people had a real need for an egg-grader, which weighed each individual egg in a cute little cup and categorized its size appropriately.

egg grader to classify eggs as small, medium, large, or extra large
u/raccoonisheyes / Via reddit.com

5.Food processors looked a lot cooler way back when.

retro food processor with lots of buttons and modes
u/TheInfiniteNematode / Via reddit.com

6.And before we had electric hand mixers, we had actual hand mixers that you had to, you know, spin by hand.

person holding a hand mixer with a lever for spinning it
u/mrsfran / Via reddit.com

7.And speaking of mixers, this one has three beaters. I do not know why, but I very much appreciate the added power.

electric mixer with three beater attachments
u/Luvoldcrap / Via reddit.com

8.This white and blue porcelain thingamabob adorning a wall is actually a coffee grinder — complete with a metal crank — and I need one ASAP.

blue and white porcelain, wall-mounted coffee grinder
u/jazz_man / Via reddit.com

9.And for all that coffee: a vintage Sunbeam coffee maker.

vintage stainless steel sunbeam coffee maker that looks like an hourglass
u/Luvoldcrap / Via reddit.com

10.On the subject of things that used to be wall-mounted: can openers. TBH, Sears really changed the game with this one.

wall mounted stainless steel can opener
r/vintagekitchentoys / Via reddit.com

11.My tiny, digital kitchen scale could NEVER compete with this behemoth old-school manual scale.

manual kitchen scale with a large apparatus for showing the weight on the back
u/deleted / Via reddit.com

12.The 1965 Mince-O-Matic, not to be confused with the Dice-O-Matic or the Veg-O-Matic, was basically a glorified juicer.

mince-o-matic maching with juicer like attachment shown next to its actual box
u/jack-morningstar57 / Via reddit.com

13.This exhaustive metal, manual grocery list is legitimate proof that times were indeed simpler in the olden days.

metal list with various items, like cookies, coffee, tea, on it, and manual switches to flip when you've bought the item

14.Behold: a nut grinder.

metal nut grinder with a wooden handle
u/smocklock / Via reddit.com

15.This, too, is a nut grinder.

metal nut grinder with a wood handle over a glass vase for catching the ground nuts
u/hamboneANDskillet / Via reddit.com

16.And you probably guessed it...but this is yet another nut grinder. Evidently, people loved nuts in the '60s.

metal nut grinder over a glass base
u/-Lasagna_Fister- / Via reddit.com

17.Take me back to the era when ovens came with built-in baking cheat sheets, complete with temperatures and time recommendations for just about anything you'd bake.

pull out metal 'cheat sheet' for an oven
u/wcs2 / Via reddit.com

18.I tried really hard to figure out exactly what this was called, so I can only discern that people referred to it as a "fruit masher," and it was normally used for making jam.

large metal masher set over a bowl with a wooden mallet for mushing fruit
u/Lvanwinkle18 / Via reddit.com

19.50% terrifying, 50% iconic, and 100% just a once-popular vessel for fresh cream.

moo cow creamer bottle with the head of a cow as the pouring spout
u/Aeroeee / Via reddit.com

20.This 60-year-old egg poacher...

a thick-walled metal egg poacher on the counter
u/madcowga / Via reddit.com

...still works!

eggs in a metal egg poacher on the counter
u/madcowga / Via reddit.com

21.I realize that juicers still exist...but they do NOT look like this anymore.

glass of fresh orange juice underneath a juicer

And that's unfortunate!

u/Excellent_Error_4755 / Via reddit.com

22.Nowadays, we have big, stainless steel exhaust hoods in most kitchens. In the '50s, they had these.

small, circular exhaust hood built into the ceiling
u/Luvoldcrap / Via reddit.com

23.The "Foley Fork" was actually a pretty common kitchen utensil once upon a time. Fun fact: Julia Child loved it for making mashed potatoes.

Large spatula-like utensil with slots in the paddle, very fork-like
u/ruegretful / Via reddit.com

24.The Cook 'N' Stir blender did just that. It cooked liquid foods (like soup), stirred them, and was also a literal blender.

blender with various speed settings on a countertop
u/deleted / Via reddit.com

25.And last but very much not least: a microwave so old that it's impossible to date.

square microwave with a small viewing window and a knob for timer