25 Sneaky And Easy-To-Miss Disney Movie Details That You Most Likely Didn't Notice The First Time Around

1. Ming-Na Wen's habit of touching her hair inspired the animators to give the same habit to Mulan:

2. The songs in Mulan are iconic, but I don't think I ever realized that they really only happened during the first half of the movie:

3. This tiny little detail that I didn't notice in Encanto, but makes 100% sense for Dolores' character:

4. This clever gag that I am curious how somebody watching the movie figured it out:

5. This very specific joke that also works for anyone who hates green bell peppers:

6. This subtle moment that reveals why Bob was so cramped in his cubicle (I always assumed it was because he was big):

7. And this very subtle nod to the origins of Violet's name:

8. The clever hidden Easter egg that pays tribute to Walt Disney's birthday:

9. And this clever hidden Easter egg that references the year of the first cartoon shorts Walt Disney ever made — the Newman Laugh-O-Grams:

10. The Genie's lamp being one of the valuable objects on Tamatoa's shell in Moana:

11. This spot-on detail about dog breeds. In fact, Golden Retriever's are known for their bird hunting skills:

12. And this spot-on detail about buffalos (that are actually nearsighted):

13. The logo for Brave that I never realized had both Merida and Queen Elinor "carved" into it:

14. Al immediately bidding and buying Woody when the motel manager put him up for sale in Toy Story of Terror!:

15. This postcard for Orlando that features Disney World's Cinderella Castle on it:

16. The Sid's name graffitied onto a mailbox in Soul, which is just further proof of all the Pixar films existing within the same universe (aka the Pixar Theory):

17. This homage to a Disney movie about a sea monster in a Pixar movie about "sea monsters":

18. The origins of Hercules' cape in Hercules:

19. This small nod to Bolt:

20. And this small nod to a forgotten Disney movie:

21. The litter box being right next to Figaro's bed (LOL):

22. Goofy having a familiar "D" font on his keychain:

23. Merlin's brand of boxers that isn't referencing the actual BVD underwear line:

24. This blink-and-you-miss-it cameo by Belle in The Hunchback of Notre Dame:

25. And lastly, this subtle hint at what Mother Gothel really loves:

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