Modern Living Room That Make a Style Statement

a living room with a fireplace
90 Modern Living Room Ideas You’ll Love in 2024Félix Dol Maillot

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The term modern can mean so many things, and if you think about it, so can a living room. In this day and age, open-floor plans inhabit the space that smaller, self-defined rooms once did, housing living rooms that serve many functions. Here, you read your books, watch your Netflix, eat your meals, entertain your guests…you live. And such modes of living modern life require a similarly multifaceted design scheme.

Admittedly, a living room and the modern aesthetic don’t seem like a particularly compatible duo. As Cochineal Design principal and cofounder Sarah Sargeant points out, simply hearing about a modern living room might conjure a look that’s “sterile, austere, and one-note.” But in reality? Modern living rooms can deftly bridge the gap between the welcoming and well appointed. “Modernity has a streamlined tone that balances historic forms with a fresh sensibility,” New York-based designer Augusta Hoffman explains.

In fact, a modern look can mean incorporating anything from minimal to midcentury, natty to neutral, chrome to concrete. But where to start when you want to find your own version of modern? “I think that the most successful modern spaces find beauty in practicality, while using rich materials to soften the minimalism," Hoffman adds. Sargeant agrees. “For us, modern means it achieves lifestyle needs while also being minimal leaning,” she tells us. “We believe mixing time periods, tones, and textures can achieve a current look.”

To help, we’ve combed through our favorite living rooms from the ELLE DECOR archives to find the sleek spaces that push modernity into its furthest reaches. From can't-miss light fixtures to clever layout ideas, think of the list below as your 2024 design bucket list.

Color on Neutral

This Hollywood Hills home, designed by Studio Mellone, proves you don't need particularly modern furniture to create a living room; colorful artwork will do just the trick. This artwork by Doug gives the rest of the neutral space a modern twist that creates contrast in the surrounding wood architecture.

a room with a table and chairs
William Jess Laird

Desert Retreat

Interior designer Nicole Hollis knows living rooms. In this minimal Indian Wells desert retreat, a curved Vladimir Kagan sofa and puff lounge chairs make for a sophisticated living space. Whether you're coming here for a much-needed meditation moment, or throwing a raucous dinner party, there's something for everyone here.

nicole hollis modern living room
Douglas Friedman

Dramatic Living Room

For Parisian architect and interior designer Hugo Toro, a tastefully curated home environment is everything, and this pied-à-terre in the Saint-Geriman-des-Prés district is no exception. We especially love the green as green Cassina chaise longue, which is begging for a sleepy resident to take up some space on it.

hugo toro paris apartment modern living room
Stephan Julliard

Patterned Living Room

If you love her movies, you'll probably love her living room too. Academy Award winning actress, Marisa Tomei, showcases her passion for beautiful objects throughout her New York City apartment—and her living room is its crown jewel. It features a maximalist couch upholstered in a Kuba textile, an amorphic floor lamp, and floor cushions in a Dedar velvet. Take a seat? Why, don't mind if we do.

marisa tomei house tour
Douglas Friedman

Marble Living Room

A clean and delicate room will always be a timeless aesthetic. For Andrea and John Stark's Hamptons home, this Azura marble fireplace wall, furnished by a pair of facing couches, sets the scene for fabulous face-to-face time with loved ones.

hamptons home modern living room
Douglas Friedman

Eclectic Flair

This late 1970s house in Venice, California, designed by Frank Gehry and redecorated by owner Florian Marquardt, features a living room with harmonious contrasts. With a vintage sofa by Mario Bellini beside a wonderfully blobby cocktail table by Mike Ruiz Serra, we'd wager even Gehry himself would feel right at home here.

florian marquardt modern living room frank gehry architecture
Sam Frost

Statement Piece

If you have a statement art piece in your collection, framing it in the living room is probably the best way to showcase it. Architect Lee Mindel took on the role of decorating Darren Starr's New York City loft, and this spheric artwork by Jose Dávila makes the room stand out.

modern living room
Richard Powers

Candy Living Room

Mixing and matching is the style of this outré oasis in Yucca Valley, California. Crafted by Another Human's Leah Ring, neutrals and simple patterns were thrown out the door and color was the main character.

leah ring living room
Laure Joliet

Retro Living Room

Interior designer Cliff Fong decorated this 1927 Mediterranean-style mansion in Los Angeles with a sartorial eye. For this modern living room, a loud and proud Paul McCarthy artwork became the starting point around which everything else fell into place.

a living room with a couch and a coffee table
William Abranowicz

Rainbow-Toned Living Room

If you're asking Parisian-based interior design firm Uchronia, statement motifs, bright colors, patterns, and undulating lines are the bread and butter of a great room. In this Haussmannian apartment in the city’s 8th arrondissement, the goal was to create a space that looked like the inside of a jewel box, without any frills. Ombre walls were a great place to start.

a living room with a fireplace
Félix Dol Maillot

Bold Silhouettes

Modern design needn’t be confined to right angles alone. In a sitting area of this California retreat, designed by Noz Nozawa, the asymmetry of the room is enhanced by a Casey McCafferty cocktail table that looks like it could come alive at any moment. The curvy rug underneath it by François Dumas further enlivens the room—both tonally and texturally—encouraging informal living that is as refined as it is comfortable.

modern living rooms
Christopher Stark

Industrial Interest Living Room

Modernity lives in any time period. What is central to the concept is invention. In this Connecticut beach house, Amanda Jesse and Whitney Parris-Lamb looked to the industrial revolution to pinpoint their definition of modern. The presence of metal and concrete, plus the brightness of the space, allows for earthy, muted tones to take precedence in the furnishings. It’s a perfect opportunity to work with a carpenter like Jacob May (who designed the dining table to the left) or Palo Samko (who made the dining chairs).

jesse parrislamb industrial house
Nicole Franzen

Midcentury Modern Romance

In the modern home not every space has a single, distinct use. Sometimes one must choose between a dining area over a living room—or vice versa. When space is limited, make miniature modern living rooms out of unused corners, like Augusta Hoffman did here in her elegant New York City apartment.

in the corner of the bedroom are two chairs with three seat cushions each, a small round marble topped pedestal table, a floor lamp with a globe shade, built in book shelves, and a black marble fireplace
Tim Lenz

Bold Tones and Graphic Prints

In the same way that a gray scale can evoke the silent films of the past, so can bold colors and graphic prints root you in the present moment. In the living room of a Manhattan townhouse, designer Danielle Colding brought in a royal blue biomorphic sofa and graphic upholstered armchairs that banish any thoughts of the old and fuddy-duddy.

a living room has black walls with white ornate ceiling molding, a chandelier made of crystal teardrops, a cobalt blue sofa, a white artwork on the wall, a curved edge cocktail table, two patterned armchairs
Kelly Marshall

The Old Meets the New

One colossal statement to modernity can steer a room down a forward moving path. In the living room of a West Hollywood pied-à-terre, Andre Herrero of Charlap Hyman & Herrero constructed a steel double-height fireplace with a hidden compartment for the client’s TV. The material evokes spaceships and factories—symbols of the modern day. Contemporary art, like the eyeball-shaped sculpture by Olivia Erlanger, hanging across from the fireplace, does its part to keep things fresh too. In this environment, choice antiques can make sense as well, when balanced by contemporary elements.

living room with high ceilings and a long sofa covered in a plant green velvet against the left wall and several small tripod tables scattered at center and opposite the sofa is a built in fireplace clad in metal and windows on the back wall with bamboo shades rolled up and a tall plant or tree peeking out from the corner of the room
Chris Mottalini


Anyone can make a sleek living room appear warm and welcoming—all it takes are some thoughtful accessories. In this Brooklyn townhouse, Ishka Designs packed on the charm with intriguing ceramics and eye-catching artwork. The result? A living room that hits that sweet spot between luxe and lived-in.

ishka design
Frank Frances Studio


Move over, boxy armchairs and rectangular sofas: Furniture with an atypical silhouette is a surefire way to give those living room essentials some visual intrigue. The design duo at Ashe Leandro spruced up a Park Avenue pad with a curvy lounge chair from Move Mountains as well as a bulbous custom sofa that’s upholstered in Rose Uniacke wool.

a living room has three windows, white walls, a fireplace with carved mantel and large mirror above, two armchairs, a lounge chair, two cocktail tables, a long green curved sofa, wall sconces, and artworks
Stephen Kent Johnson

Height-Defiant Living Room

If James Williams and Jonno Burden’s living room is any indication, the only way to go really is up. The duo accented their 30-foot-tall ceiling with two clusters of custom light pendants, drawing the eye upward and creating a light, airy space in the process.

atraform studios beachwood canyon house
Yoshihiro Makino

Mirror Marvel

Want to dress up bare walls but traditional artwork feels overplayed? Consider dousing your space in decorative mirrors—just as Jacques Grange did in this Portuguese pad. Not only does this woven arrangement add some character to this spacious room, but the number of reflective spaces also helps bounce the light around just right.

living room with birdcages hanging from a slanted beamed ceiling, fireplace on far wall with several straw mirrors, rattan chairs, rustic wooden cocktail table, striped aqua fabric sofa, navy rug with small red squares
Stephan Julliard

Textural Living Room

Repeat after us: A neutral-tinged living room can be anything but boring. If you need any convincing, have a look at this relaxed space by Cochineal Design. Here, a rich array of light wood, cream bouclé upholstery, and high-contrast art offers a more nuanced take on the pared-back palette.

cochineal jane street apartment
Joshua McHugh

Plaid-Peppered Living Room

Another way to hit the refresh button on a neutral palette? Add a few patterns into the mix. In this downtown New York City home, a sea of browns, creams, and black is energized with a set of vintage chairs in a Sandra Jordan alpaca plaid.

living room long shot with a white square design rug spanning the length of it and a rounded sofa against the right wall which is dark wood paneling and some cabinetry at the far end some behind glass and on the right a series of tall doors that open to the view
Stephen Kent Johnson

Hip and Hanging

Take the phrase “sitting pretty” to a whole new level—literally—by incorporating a swinging seat. Design firm Workshop/APD made the most of this family residence by juxtaposing a hanging chair from Juniper Home and a low-slung, double-sided sofa. This power playing makes the living room appear even brighter and airier than it already is.

seating area with a hanging chair with cushions, blue settee, glass coffee table with open book on it all in front of a modern fireplace with poufs in front of it and a large modern painting over it with blue swashes
Read Mckendree, from Workshop/APD Homes: Architecture, Interiors, and the Spaces Between, Rizzoli New York, 2022.

Repetitive Living Room

Why settle for one cocktail table and one couch when you can enjoy a few? The multiple furniture pieces in this Manhattan apartment give the living room an upscale, gallerylike atmosphere, while keeping it conducive to your and your guests’ needs.

husband wife san remo apartment
Chris Mottalini

A Ray of Sunshine

Die-hard maximalists will find the perfect compromise in this smile-inducing Hamptons home, which offsets a neutral palette with pops of yellow and a rainbow-hued painting by Kenneth Noland. “I wanted the room to feel as though you could sit in it on your own and read the newspaper or have a family game night—or host a killer cocktail party,” designer Alec Holland explains.

alex holland hamptons house
Genevieve Garruppo

Monochromatic Living Room

Want a punchy-yet-pared-back palette and neutrals just aren’t doing it? Reimagine your living room with a bolder hue as seen in director Mara Brock Akil’s Los Angeles home. With a Vladimir Kagan sofa, an Art Deco rug, and paint sourced from Portola Paints, this West coast–area room looks at life through rosé-colored glasses.

mara brock akil elle decor
Kelly Marshall


Be the host with the most by adding a wet bar to your living room—and making it a sight for sore eyes too. In this 1957 Pacific Palisades abode, which was restored by Studio Shamshiri, the lineup of libations is dressed up in technicolor tiles from Emmanuel Boos.

in a midcentury beach house living room is a bar fronted with colored tiles, a sofa with a burl wood frame and tufted terra cotta cushions, two modern chairs, cocktail table, too stools, and a cow hide rug
Stephen Kent Johnson

Hard-Meets-Soft Living Room

What’s a person to do if their already-modern living room feels a smidge stony? Soften things up with a plush area rug. A wool and silk layer by Jan Kath lends a homey feel to the industrial-leaning living room from Raëd Abillama.

open living area with doors to the mediterranean and black accent furniture and rock shaped tables on a moire blue area rug and a tall monolithic fireplace at center a
Stephan Julliard

Haute Hearth

Oftentimes, the most practical elements of a living room can become the most visually intriguing. In this Woodstock home, design firm White Webb transformed the fireplace into a mega-moment by covering the hearth and surrounding ceiling in shou sugi ban cypress. An assortment of angular furniture—layered in tactile textiles—gives the rustic fireplace a more contemporary edge.

white webb woodstock house
Read McKendree


Whether you have a chill night in with your family or invite your inner circle to your personal quarters, congregation is at the heart of every living room. That’s exactly why it’s so fitting that architect Christina Seilern peppered this Greek living room with a built-in bench, complete with upholstery and pillows by Kalyvianakis Dimitrios. And, thanks to the indoor-outdoor quality, this living room makes it possible to kick back, relax, and watch the gorgeous landscape.

from the exterior, a single step up onto the terrace leads to an indoor living room with a large built in l shaped sofa with cushioned seats and backs and pillows and three low cocktail tables of varying sizes
Matthieu Salvaing


Since bare white walls can veer toward “sterile” territory, liven up your room’s perimeter with some oversize art, as Ike Kligerman Barkley did in a Bridgehampton, New York, residence. The large piece over the low-slung sectional brings a lived-in, layered effect to the living room; however, the abstract shapes featured offer a hint of modernity.

haynesroberts bridgehampton
Richard Powers


One of the best things about today’s living rooms is they don’t have to be too stuffy or precious. In fact, Augusta Hoffman specifically enlisted a pair of Blasco Clichy swivel chairs to up this Upper East Side apartment’s chill factor. “I love the chairs because they bring in an element of casualness that my client was looking for as a younger person who enjoys having people over to watch movies and hang out,” Hoffman says. “It doesn’t have to feel so sophisticated all the time.”

house tour augusta hoffman
Tim Lenz

Depth-Defying Milan Living Room

Milanese architect and designer Hannes Peer took this Italian living area to new heights—literally—by drawing inspiration from the Alps. The low-slung furniture—which includes a brown leather couch from B&B Italia and a vintage daybed—deftly balances out the high, slatted wood accents.

living room
Helenio Barbetta/Living Inside

Maximalist Chicago Living Room

Anyone who has a more-is-more aesthetic will find a lot to love about this zesty prewar apartment in Chicago. Designer Summer Thornton doubled down on boldness with jewel-toned seating, a pair of pendants from Urban Electric Co., and a sweet wallcovering by de Gournay.

summer thornton elle decor
Thomas Loof

Moody New York Living Room

This Upper West Side apartment single-handedly proves that the dark side has plenty of perks. Designer Kevin Dumais created a space that’s equal parts handsome and homey with a plethora of textures. The suede wallpaper by Holly Hunt, custom ottoman, and Daniel Wenger lounge chair give this space the tactile treatment.

minimalist living space with dark brown leather sofa with a oblong velvet pouf beneath a small table in front a light washed stool and modern chairs a large white and red canvas sits in the center of the wall opposite
Joshua McHugh

Fun French

Craving some much-needed pops of color? Take a cue from lighting designer Marie-Lise Féry’s French abode. Swathed in Farrow & Ball’s Blue Gray, this room features a velvet Christophe Delcourt sectional and candy-coated Magic Circus Éditions lamp, offering a grown-up take on a rainbow palette.

Pierrick Verny

A Living Room with Seating a-Plenty

As this Hollywood Hills living room—which was designed by firm Nickey Kehoe for Suzanne Goin—proves, you can never have too many seats. This Spanish-style space pairs the original Douglas fir-beamed ceiling with a cornucopia of sofas and armchairs, all of which are from the designers.

living room
Amy Neunsinger


Embrace your bold streak with strategically placed patterns. In this Palm Beach villa, Mark D. Sikes turned this living room into a delightfully whimsical retreat with a hypnotic array of prints. But since each repeat boasts a similar blue-and-white scheme, the room is eye-catching, not over-the-top.

blue patterned living room with sofa and large ottomans
Douglas Friedman

Cinematic Living Room

If movie nights in are your top priority, you’ll love this space that Kovac Design Studio created for Hollywood agent Todd Feldman. The spacious great room boasts a custom motorized screen, creating a floating home theater. A sectional by Patricia Urquiola for B&B Italia, RH, Restoration Hardware cocktail table, and a rug from Armadillo make this the perfect place to Netflix and chill.

media room
Roger Davies

St. Petersburg Living Room

Looking for a red-hot living room idea? Consider making the fireplace the focal point of the room—just as Tim Veresnovsky did in this St. Petersburg apartment. The oak-paneled hearth is flanked by a Sergei Khrabrovsky sofa, vintage leather armchair, and Zara Home side table.

living room
Mikhail Loskutov

Tropical Living Room

Make your living room feel like an otherworldly oasis, just as Fawn Galli did in this Boca Raton retreat. From a rattan cocktail table by India Mahdavi to a half-moon shape Lejeune sofa—which is swathed in Dedar velvet and Scalamandre’s Maquis Tapestry Agave repeat—this space offers vacation vibes around the clock.

half moon sofa in a green velvet and a flowered print on the back and faces floor to ceiling windows leading to a terrace with a round table overlooking the water a rattan coffee table is in the center
Kris Tamburello

Shape-Shifting Living Room

For a pared-back way to make your living room pop, play with different shapes. When decorating this Vancouver pad for a mother-daughter duo, PlaidFox’s Ben Leavitt featured an angular, 1970s-inspired chimney breast in red- and pink-toned Mutina tiles. Rounding out the room is a custom curvaceous couch and leather ottoman from Moroso.

plaid fox vancouver house tour
Ema Peter

Modern Midtown Living Room

For an easy (yet effective!) way to rack up the compliments, consider adding a punchy couch to a neutral space. Here, Dorothy Berwin added a bright red sofa from Francis Sultana to a high-contrast space.

dorothy berwin house tour
Douglas Friedman


Why settle for one design style when you can enjoy a few? In this Palm Beach abode, designer Caroline Rafferty juxtaposed a 20-foot-long white sofa from CB2 with contemporary art and an antique cocktail table designed by Pierre Jeanneret. The crisp palette and jolts of primary colors strike a happy balance between subtle and statement.

living room with glossy white interior, long white cushioned sofa along the wall and several chairs and low tables in front and five pieces of art hanging on the wall above the sofa, one of which is a large modernistic sketch of albert einstein on the far left
Carmel Brantley

True Blue

It’s no wonder that the living room packs the “wow” factor of this apartment on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Designer Stephen Sills paired the bright Lee Jofa wallcovering with a Louis XIV marble mantel and antique French chairs draped in a Clarence House silk.

stephen sills manhattan apartment
Simon Upton

Chic London Living Room

Decades after its last refurbishment in 1991, a well-known Kuwaiti family enlisted designer Nebihe Cihan to spruce up their charming London flat. Cihan used sculptural details and a jewel-toned sofa from Minotti to give the space a modern edge—without stripping it of its rich history.

nebihe cihan apartment living room
Stephan Julliard

Relaxed Upper West Side Living Room

Danielle Colding achieved her signature “cozy cool” look in this prewar apartment on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. The crisp white living room is anchored by a sofa from Jayson Home and a Papilio chair, creating an oasis of simplicity, ease, and eclecticism.

danielle colding elle decor
Brittany Ambridge

California Coastal

When Kim Alexandriuk was tasked with designing a family’s vacation home in Montecito, California, she sought to highlight many of the space’s European features. In the living room, she added a Paola Navone sofa and a slipper chair by Paul Marra Design to play off the extravagant fireplace.

kim alexandriuk living room

Star-Studded Living Room

Designer Isabel López-Quesada refreshed this charming Madrid apartment—which the actress Ava Gardner used to call home—with soft, romantic details. Highlights include sofas reimagined in Brochier velvet, Pierre Paulin’s Mushroom chairs, and artwork by Donna Huanca.

isabel lopez quesada madrid apartment
Miguel Flores-Vianna

Cozy Upstate Living Room

Three years after a fire broke out in the back of his home, designer Shawn Henderson restored his upstate New York space to be a soothing escape from the big city. This petite living room is undeniably serene, thanks to a Kaare Klint sofa, a chair by Kerstin Hörlin-Holmquist, and a versatile cocktail table courtesy of Frits Henningsen.

shawn henderson house interiors
Stephen Kent Johnson

Hudson Valley Living Room

Sheila Bridges took her Hudson Valley, New York, living room to new heights (literally) with a mobile she co-designed with Elizabeth Parker. Rounding out the room is a Hammertown Barn sofa, a vintage side table, and a fireplace by Ortal.

sheila bridges upstate ny home round wooden table with 6 capsules with carved birds inside
Frank Frances

Refined Upper East Side

Designer Tom Scheerer added some uptown opulence to this Manhattan apartment with a 1950s Danish desk by Jacob Kjaer and textiles from Holland & Sherry, Borderline, and Kravet. With a neutral backdrop—as well as the occasional pops of green and blue—this living room is both elegant and eclectic.

tom scheerer project
Francesco Lagnese

Modern California

Designer Ernest de la Torre updated this Tudor-style home in Bel Air—which was built by Hollywood architect Paul R. Williams in 1934—with modern panache. A vintage Jean Royère chair and a rug by Edward Fields soften the sleek space.

paul r williams house redesigned by ernest de la torre
G L Askew II

Art Nouveau

When restoring her apartment in Tbilisi, Georgia, interior designer Eka Papamichael juxtaposed the space’s rich Art Nouveau architecture with a vintage cocktail table, a Murano glass ceiling pendant, and sofas by Gervasoni.

eka papamichael living room
Francesco Dolfo

Bold & Bright

Srila Chatterjee and Mahesh Mathai put their bold aesthetic on full display in their Mumbai living room. The vibrant purple walls are paired with flea-market finds, a tiger sculpture from Kerala, and a custom ottoman and chairs.

mumbai apartment
Fabien Charuau

Muted California Living Room

Blending two distinctly different styles in one space is a tall order. When newlyweds asked Natasha Baradaran to decorate their Santa Monica, California, home, she filled the living room with various textiles in an easy, neutral color palette. The result? The perfect compromise between bohemian and Art Deco.

natasha baradaran house tour
Roger Davies

Sophisticated Milan Living Room

Being neck-deep in a gut renovation—in the midst of the pandemic, no less—can feel overwhelming. However, Dimorestudio’s Emiliano Salci turned his new Milan apartment into a theatrical abode. He furnished his pigmented living room with antique finds as well as pieces from his home-furnishings brand, Dimoremilano.

living room with blue sofa and antique candlesticks behind
Andrea Ferrari


When designing his San Francisco home, Antonio Martins took a trip down memory lane for inspiration. From a gallery wall of 17th-, 18th-, and 19th-century portraits to the sleek RH, Restoration Hardware cocktail table, his living room bridges the gap between old and new.

antonio martins house living room
Christopher Stark

Hotel Lobby–Esque Living Room

As the mogul behind 1 Hotels and the Baccarat Hotel, Barry Sternlicht brings a well-appointed eye to his hospitality ventures. So it’s only fitting that his personal residence follows suit. Sternlicht gives his Miami Beach living room the first-class treatment with a Jean de Merry armchair, side tables from MS Ceramic Design, and a sofa covered in Loro Piana fabric.

barry sternlicht miami beach home
Alanna Hale

Fun and Feminine

When Lucinda Loya was tapped to design fashion model Maya Henry’s London flat, she wanted to fill the cold space with plenty of personality. From the fringed Munna chairs to a candy-coated color palette, this living room feels feminine and edgy in equal measure.

lucinda loya maya henry house tour elle decor
Gianni Franchellucci


Furniture doubles as art in this Hamptons home. A white sofa matching the wall and floors sets the stage for cream vintage Joe Colombo chairs that flank a custom Marmoreal coffee table. The Egan Frantz artwork spans the length of the sofa.

living room
David Benjamin Sherry

California Casual

Exposed beams, a plaster fireplace, and wrought iron door frames create a Mediterranean vibe in this Newport, California home. A mix of cream upholstery with wood furniture and floors looks elegant but not fussy.

luxury newport home tour
Chad Mellon


An accent wall made of dark charcoal tiles boldly stands out in this elegant Mill Valley living room. Deep blacks complement warm whites with gold accents to create a glamorous scheme.

living room
Christopher Stark

Limestone Living Room

Modern updates like industrial lighting and a polished cement floor create an eclectic aesthetic in this old-word living room. Cube-shaped poufs and linen-upholstered Bergère chairs add softness and texture.

living room
James Merrell

Glam Chicago Living Room

A sophisticated, neutral living room in Chicago's historic Palmolive building features a clever mix of antiques and vintage finds, which create a sense of balance.

room, living room, furniture, interior design, property, building, floor, coffee table, suite, table,
Tony Soluri

Palm Beach Living Room

A 1920s Palm Beach home, owned by art adviser Heidi McWilliams, serves as the perfect backdrop for displaying her impressive collection. The living room is furnished with claret armchairs (right) and a hexagonal table by Rose Tarlow Melrose House, along with a neutral rug by Patterson Flynn Martin. An Anish Kapoor mirrored wall sculpture accentuates the 16th-century Italian limestone mantel, and the coffered ceiling, which is original, adds character to the room.

interior design, room, property, living room, building, furniture, ceiling, pink, lobby, house,
Douglas Friedman

Minimalist Living Room

Kara Mann's Chicago living room is a lesson in minimalist design. A pair of white chairs complement the marigold-colored rug by Miyabi Casa. The floors are large-scale limestone tiles.

room, interior design, living room, furniture, property, wall, floor, building, house, architecture,
Courtesy of Kara Mann

Serene Ibiza Sitting Room

This Ibiza living room features local-limestone floors covered in custom Spanish esparto rugs from Antonia Molina. Walls covered in a sandy lime plaster, and a wood-beam ceiling set a rustic tone in the living room. Custom sofas are by Atelier Tapissier Seigneur and the curtains are in a quilted Braquenié fabric; the Oeil cocktail table by Pierre Chapo is vintage, the lacquered-coral sculpture is by Maurizio Epifani, and the painting over the mantel is by Alex Katz.

living room ideas
James Merrell

Amanda Seyfried's Living Room

A former barn now serves as guest quarters at actress Amanda Seyfried’s weekend retreat in the Catskills region of New York. In the living area, the sofa is by West Elm, the wool rug is by Restoration Hardware, the flooring is reclaimed oak, and the wall is painted in Benjamin Moore’s White Dove; the photograph is by Sarah Bailey.

living room ideas
Stephen Kent Johnson


This London townhouse has a living room filled with custom designs, such as a sofa covered in a Donghia patterned velvet, another upholstered in a Le Manach silk velvet, and a round banquette, which is topped with a 1940s French bronze sculpture.

best living room ideas beautiful living room decor
Ricardo Labougle

Bright Greek Island

The living room in this Greek Island home features a custom cocktail table and banquette, and striped pillows upholstered in a Les Toiles du Soleil fabric. The Queen Elizabeth II print is by Andy Warhol.

living room ideas
Ricardo Labougle

An Airy Loft Living Room

New York-based designer Becky Shea crafted a stunning New York City loft for Homepolish co-founder Will Nathan. The living room, which showcases a mix of industrial elements as well as Shea's organic-modernist aesthetic, is a lesson in open-concept living.

will nathan house
Claire Esparros

A Pattern-Filled Hollywood Living Room

Actress Minnie Driver's inviting Hollywood living room features a mix of vintage fabrics and patterns. Window treatments in complementary colors add balance to the light-filled space.

living room ideas
William Abranowicz

Christiane Lemieux's Living Room

Christiane Lemieux's New York City loft includes artwork by Robert Swain, custom sofas covered in a neutral linen, and a coffee table and side table from the Brimfield Show and a Paris flea market.

living room ideas
Melanie Acevedo


White walls and contemporary furniture give this living room a clean and classic feel. Natural elements, by way of driftwood and greenery, bring the outdoors in.

living room ideas
Rikki Snyder


A Brooklyn townhouse in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn, features a sofa from ABC Carpet & Home upholstered in a fabric by Soraya Shah for Studio Four NYC. The space also includes a chaise by Timothy Oulton, a Danish cocktail table, the Akari pendant light by Noguchi, window treatments in a Rebecca Atwood fabric, and a vintage Moroccan rug. The walls are painted in Benjamin Moore’s Huntington White and the trim in Iron Mountain. A photograph by Claire Nitze and a cameo portrait by Doug Meyer complete the living room.

living room ideas
Max Zambelli

Statement Fireplace

Architect Luís Bernardo Brito e Abreu renovated his São Miguel home to reflect his family's artistic, maritime history. The living room features a vintage chair by Illum Wikkelsø, and the mantel and stone benches are both of local basalt. The sculpture of a head on the bench at right is by Ernesto Canto da Maya, and the wall sculpture above the mantel is a 16th-century naval decoration.

living room ideas
Francisco Nogueira

Chicago Penthouse

Alisa Bloom recreated the environment of a French interior in her sophisticated Chicago penthouse. In the living room, she opted for a custom sofa in a Kravet fabric with pillows in a Jim Thompson silk. The 1970s chairs are from Revival, and the vintage cocktail table is from Martin La Brocante. She finished the space with a console by Crate & Barrel, a vintage chandelier by Hans-Agne Jakobsson, and curtains in an Oscar de la Renta fabric for Lee Jofa. The walls are painted in Benjamin Moore’s Cement Gray.

living room ideas
Simon Upton

Concrete And Navy

In the living room of Jean-Louis Deniot's Miami penthouse, the sofa from Deniot’s collection for Baker is in a Martyn Thompson Studio fabric, the 1930s Jindrich Halabala chairs are in a JAB Anstoetz fabric, the vintage cocktail table is by Paul Frankl, and the gold side table is by Hervé Van der Straeten; the 1920s bronze-and-alabaster chandelier once hung in the Villa Kerylos in France, the indoor-outdoor rug is by Galerie Diurne, the artwork is by Franz Kline, and the shelf holds a Roger Desserprit sculpture (center) and a French 1940s lamp.

living room ideas
Simon Upton


In the living room of Vivia Horn’s Japanese-style retreat in Hunter, New York, the leather-and-plastic Italian sofas, cocktail table, and wool shag rug were purchased in the 1980s at Bloomingdale’s. The Japanese-style fire pit and tin range hood are custom, the floor lamp is from the '70s, the sisal carpet is by Stark, the ceiling beams are Douglas fir, and a series of color lithographs from Japan are displayed along the pine wainscoting.

living room ideas
William Abranowicz

Eclectic Farmhouse

In the formal living room of the Connecticut farmhouse of sisters Ariel Ashe and Alexi Asher Meyers (plus, Alexi's husband and Late Night host Seth Meyers), an RH, Restoration Hardware sofa is in a Perennials linen, the custom bench is in a Ralph Lauren fabric, and the walls are in Oval Room Blue by Farrow & Ball.

living room ideas
Alexei Hay


The sofas in the living room of this contemporary Hancock Park home are by RH, Restoration Hardware, the 1950s chairs are Danish, the cocktail table is by Charles Hollis Jones, the end tables are from Lucca Home, and the antique stool was a Japanese rice box. The antique mirror is Indian, the mantel is original, the pendant is by Paul Ferrante, the floor lamp is by Visual Comfort, and the sconces are by Ralph Lauren Home.

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Douglas Friedman

Artistic Living Room

In the living room of Kris Ghesquière and Eva Claessens’s house in southeastern Uruguay, which they built on the remains of an 1810 roadside general store, the chair was constructed by a local carpenter based on a picture in a magazine, the vintage table in front of the sofa was found at an auction in France and the rug is from Iran; the yellow lamb sculptures are by William Sweetlove, and the paintings and feather sculpture are by Claessens.

best living room ideas
Ricardo Labougle

Antiques-Laden Living Room

In the living room of an antique-laden apartment in Greenwich Village, the antique Swedish sofa and Baroque chair, right, are upholstered in Robert Kime fabrics, the armchair is 18th-century French and a vintage Persian Soumak rug from Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar rests on a sea-grass rug from ABC Carpet & Home. Among the items on the wall are an antique water-buffalo skull, 19th-century French gouaches and a drawing by Jean Cocteau.

best living room ideas
Stephen Kent Johnson

Stately Living Room

In the living room of an Upper West Side apartment, the custom sectional is upholstered in a Le Manach print and the custom sofa in a Loro Piana fabric is topped with a pillow in an Osborne & Little fabric. The table lamp is by Niermann Weeks, the floor lamp is by Aero, the rug is Persian, and the cashmere throw is by Pratesi.

living room ideas
Mikkel Vang


John Robshaw's vibrant Connecticut house is overflowing with character: The living room sofa and its fabric are by John Robshaw for Duralee. The armchair, custom banquettes, and bone-inlay side table are all Robshaw designs, the cocktail table is from India, the table lamps are by Christopher Spitzmiller, and the dhurrie is a custom design. An Elliott Puckette artwork sits on the mantel, which is painted in Yukon Sky by Benjamin Moore, and the large painting of a perfume bottle is by Doug Wada.

living room ideas
Richard Powers


In a remote New Zealand surf town, architects Lance and Nicola Herbst ingeniously tuck a spacious weekend retreat amid a lush grove of exotic trees. In the living area of the house, designed in its entirety by the couple, the sofa is a custom design, and the fireplace by Masport Heating is set in a custom-made steel cabinet; the pendant light is by Secto Design and the walls are sheathed in black-stained western red cedar.

Best Living Room Ideas - Beautiful Living Room Decor
Nathalie Krag

Midcentury (with a Texas Twist)

When San Francisco residents Sam Hamilton and Jen Chaiken decided to buy a second home in Marfa, Texas, after holding their destination wedding nearby, they knew they wanted a layered aesthetic. In the living room, a Poul Henningsen light fixture and a Navajo rug in the family room; a cabinet by Robert "Mouseman" Thompson holds an Ansel Adams photograph, and the walls are painted in Benjamin Moore's Cloud White.

best living room ideas beautiful living room decor
William Abranowicz

Chic and Airy

In the West Village pied-à-terre of Los Angeles-based designers Waldo Fernandez and Tommy Clements, the daybed is by Rick Owens, the armchairs by Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann are upholstered in an alpaca by Perrine Rousseau and the side chairs are by Jean Prouvé.

best living room ideas beautiful living room decor
William Abranowicz

Modern Nautical

Meredith Melling and Zach Iscol's retreat on Martha's Vineyard has a stunning living room with a sofa by Restoration Hardware covered in a Perennials linen, Hans Wegner chairs upholstered in a Brochier fabric and a walnut cocktail table and stool that are custom.

best living room ideas beautiful living room decor
Joshua McHugh

California Bungalow Lounge

For designer Patrick Printy, his bungalow in Oakland, California is all about eccentric design. In this living area attached to his study, a pair of vintage sofas are upholstered in a Ralph Lauren Home stripe, the Eero Saarinen table is from Design Within Reach, barstools by CB2 are covered in a Katie Ridder fabric, the ceiling lantern is by Visual Comfort, the rug is by Ralph Lauren Home, and the busts are by Oly.

best living room ideas beautiful living room decor
Bjorn Wallander

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