25 of the Best DIY Hanukkah Candle & Menorah Ideas

The Festival of Lights is officially here! That means it’s time to bust out your menorah—or DIY one of your own.

This year, make your Hanukkah celebration extra festive by creating your own menorah and styling it with some fun DIYf Hanukkah candle ideas.

From rainbow Hanukkah candles to menorahs made out of candy (yes, you read that right!), here are 25 of the best DIY Hanukkah candle and menorah ideas we’ve seen on Instagram.

25 DIY Hanukkah Candle and Menorah Ideas

Eight wooden spools make the base of this adorable DIY menorah idea by @amandakingloff, founder of Project Kid, while paper straws topped with orange pencil erasers make the toddler-friendly candles.

Glue nuts onto the top of one of your kid’s old toys to quickly and easily transform it into a sweet homemade menorah, like @myjewishmommylifedid. Your standard Hanukkah candles should fit inside the nuts perfectly—just be sure to line them with tinfoil for easy cleanup.

This two-in-one menorah/Hanukkah candles storage box, which is available on @moderntribe_jew’s store, is both compact and portable. Recreate this idea at home by gluing colorful metal tubes (called “bushings” or “spacers” at your local hardware store) to the inside of your container’s flame-proof top.

Buy these rainbow beeswax candles from @stargazecandle’s Etsy store or try making your own at home. You can buy all the supplies you need at a craft store.

A plush knit menorah and Hanukkah candle set, like this cutie posted by @crafting.memes, would make a great gift first Hanukkah gift that’ll be cherished for years to come.

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Put your kid’s Lego collection to good use by making your own Lego menorah and DIY Hanukkah candles, like this cool one posted by @monaonemayfair. Whether you each make your own or you build a giant one together, the whole family will love this hands-on Hanukkah idea.

While @balloontwistaroo’s super-sized menorah balloon masterpiece might be beyond your skill level in 2023, you can always start practicing now so you can nail it next year!

This simple menorah and DIY Hanukkah candle idea from @azmamaandcrafter uses foam board, painted clothespins and felt flames to create a kid-friendly holiday masterpiece.

DIY your own Hanukkah menorah out of copper plumbing parts you can find and piece together at your local hardware store, like Gabe did at @mcguckinhardware in Boulder.

Appeal to your creative side with this DIY menorah idea by @david_stark_design and shared by @yourdigitalstylist. To recreate it at home, simply stand your Hanukkah candles inside the holes at the end of paint-dipped painter’s brushes for a one-of-a-kind design.

Make colorful, kid-friendly DIY Hanukkah candles using stiff felt and yard, like @jennylynnecohen did. Follow her lead and glue on felt eyes to make them look extra playful.

This makeshift DIY menorah idea from @davidtcoons is the perfect last-minute DIY Hanukkah candle solution for wine lovers. Melt the bottom of each candle to securely attach it to your wine cork Hanukkah candle holders before lighting.

To make this striking DIY menorah idea from @moonfryeteam, drill holes into the tops of ombre-painted wooden blocks, wedge a Hanukkah candle into each and arrange them in a row—voila!

This electric menorah, designed by @alexstadlerartwork, was featured on @theclaystudiophl's feed and is available in their shop. But if you love the look and want to make something similar on your own, grab a hunk of clay and see where your inspiration leads you!

This quirky “Menurtle”, designed by artist Lisa Pierce, is sold by @thejewishmuseumshop; however, you can try DIYing something similar by gluing candle holders or nuts onto the back of a toy turtle and spray painting the whole thing gold.

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For an affordable DIY Hanukkah candle idea, make a menorah out of noodles, like @youngschoolartwithmr.g did. A lasagna noodle makes a great base, while rigatoni noodles serve as the perfect Hanukkah candle holders.

For a more modern Hanukkah candle idea, check out this DIY menorah made by @designsponge that we found on @houseonesocial’s pretty feed. Sleek copper hardware paired with oversized white candles creates a trendy industrial.

This year, consider an all-natural menorah and Hanukkah candle alternative. The folks at @barleyandbirch made DIY Hanukkah candles out of painted twigs and a menorah base is crafted from a larger twig covered with a bit of dried moss and bark.

You’re guaranteed to have a sweet Hanukkah celebration when you make these DIY Hanukkah candle holders shaped like animals out of gumdrops and assorted candies. Get the full how-to in @supermakeit’s book, Candy Aisle Crafts.

A simple weathered twig with nine holes drilled into its top makes a beautiful, understated DIY menorah idea, as this photo seen on @balayoga’s feed proves.

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As @ellah_and_noah points out, using four double candleholders like these, plus an individual holder for the shamash candle, is an easy way to build your own kosher menorah.

Create a wearable menorah for your kid made by hot-gluing DIY felt Hanukkah candles, like @kidmademodern did. Or, if your kids are a bit older, let them design and make their own using fabric glue.

For a fun and crafty sensory experience, try this idea from @tinkerlab. Have your kids mold air-drying clay into any shape they like, before they press eight candle holder spots into it using a Hanukkah candle. Add a lump of clay to raise the shamash and gently press your candle into it, too, before allowing it to dry fully.

DIY Hanukkah candles made out of fabric are a flameless solution for infants, as @berninausa shows. Get the how-to here.

This cross-stitch menorah idea from @joyfullyoldfashioned is simple to recreate using a square piece of pegboard and colored yarn. Or you can use markers to draw on “stitches” instead.

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