I Asked 24 People To Tell Me Their Most Secret Sex Kinks, And Boy Did They Deliver

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Recently, I asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to divulge their sexy little secrets, aka their uniquely specific sexual desires. Here are 24 of the best responses:

Sex between consenting adults is a normal and healthy part of life. Just remember that everyone's bodies, interests, and experiences are different, and you should always communicate with your partner or partners.

1."I don’t ever want to be peed on, but I like hearing my long-distance-relationship partner pee over the phone. The thought of him having his thing out gets me going."


2."I'm a big fan of figging, the practice of carving out a butt plug from fresh ginger. It gives you the most delightful tingling and is uncomfortable, but not to the point of pain — almost like some BDSM acts."

Fresh ginger

"The kink of humiliation gets me super horny, and it's great before sex or during masturbation. Thank god my partner keeps an open mind and accepts it, even if it's not their kink particularly."


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3."Pegging [when a woman penetrates a man anally with a strap-on dildo]. It's very intimate and sensual while being somewhat taboo."


4."I want a redheaded woman to be a submissive for my husband and me. I want a threesome where we will be the dominating couple, but not weird things — just have incredible sex and maybe a little role-play." 😉

The bare back of a redheaded woman, showing her face in profile
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5."I’m so incredibly turned on by the thought and act of being tied up and slapped around a little bit. I’ve brought it up with past partners before, but none have followed through with experimenting with me. Hopefully my future partner is all for it!"


6."I love to wear lingerie (bra, garter belt, stockings, thong) while having sex with my girlfriend, and she loves it as well. Everyone always assumes just because I like to cross-dress that I'm not the dominant one in the bedroom."

Person in lace underwear and lace bra, seen from behind
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7."I have a pee fetish — specifically, being peed on during and after sex by other men. My partner isn’t into it, although he was willing to try a few times early in our relationship. I’ll get in the shower sometimes with a full bladder and pee all over myself before turning on the water and masturbating — which is as close as I get to it now."

"And yeah, I like the taste, the warmth, and the wetness, and also the psychological humiliation aspect of it."


8."Dacryphilia [sexual pleasure from tears]. There's something about the vulnerability when a man cries that hits me not only in the heart but lower down as well."


9."Straight guy here. I like to wear panties, usually satin ones. Not sure why, but I find the look and feel of them a turn-on. It’s a lot of fun. No, I don’t steal them or want your dirty underwear. I buy my own. It’s a fun secret."

Person in a suit holding up a pair of highi-cut lace panties


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10."Breastfeeding during sex. After having my first child, I discovered I got really turned on by letting my husband nurse. I still watch porn featuring breastfeeding eight years later."


11."Biting my clit. I didn't realize how much I enjoyed biting during sex in general until a partner was going down on me and bit my clit. Now I need biting everywhere: my nipples, my ear, my lip, my neck...best pain I've ever experienced."

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12."I'm into omorashi — aka pissing in my pants, or watching someone else pee in theirs. As a kid, before I had any idea what sex was, I got this tingly, exciting feeling anytime I heard about someone doing that or encountered it in a book or movie. I think it was something about the transgressive nature of the act — the warmth and wetness of the pee, the desperation followed by relief, and, well, the fact that it does involve one's genitals. And holding my piss till I lose control can almost feel orgasmic in itself."


13."Male armpits. The smell is unique and erotic, and when a man flashes his hairy pit, it feels just as intimate as seeing his nether regions."

The reflection in the mirror of a man spraying his underarm


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14."Edging. I love the idea of prolonging orgasm, or even setting up a rule where I get brought close to orgasm, but if I break the arbitrary rule (e.g., making any noise), then it stops and we have to start over. Unfortunately, in my experience, no man exists who has the patience or skill for this, so it lives in my fantasies and nowhere else."


15."Double penetration. I felt curious when I saw it the first time in a porn video, and it turned me on. The idea of a women feeling powerful and, at the same time, a bit vulnerable, surrounded by a lot of guys, is a very nice scenario for me and my fantasies."

"It has even improved my sexual life because all the times I've tried to have anal sex, it hurt so bad. My boyfriend bought me a dildo and a numbing lube, so we started with a finger while he penetrated me. Later we used the dildo and, finally, his penis while I used the toy. I had an orgasm in like a minute!! (He didn't last too long either, tbh.) That has been the best sexual experience of my life!"


16."I really enjoy CMNM (clothed male, naked male)."

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17."Man musk. Not on every guy, but on most. I just love a good, sweaty armpit or sweaty balls to sniff. A friend of mine forgot to wear deodorant once and asked me to check if he reeked. He did, but it smelled so good. I was hard in seconds. Another friend I hooked up with finished before me, so to speed up the process, I shoved my nose in his pit and like two minutes later...boom."


18."Knismolagnia, otherwise known as a tickling fetish. I’ve been into this for as long as I can remember. I’ve never told anyone or experienced it for myself. I was very close to telling an ex, but I was so scared to be judged. I also love the idea of mixing this with bondage."

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19."Orgasm denial. You get right up to the edge of orgasming and then stop. When you do come, it's amazing."


20."I love seeing her orgasm with full muscular tension and aftershocks. She loves it too. Later, I asked her and planted this idea of how it's okay to do it as long as she can tell me all about it or do it in front of me — or do it with me and another person. We invited another guy over, and she loved every inch of both our penises, taking turns orgasming — first with me while he watched. It turned her on a lot. Doing it with him next was even quicker, and she had a bigger orgasm than she's ever had. Now she wants to do it every few weeks."


21."I get super turned on by the thought of going down on my wife after I've finished inside her. I usually lose the urge after I've finished, and she could take it or leave it, so the only time we did anything close was one morning when I went down on her before round two. It was a huge turn-on knowing I was tasting us both together."

A woman lies in bed with her mouth open and covering her eyes

"Until that happens again, I'm content watching porn where the guy goes down on the woman after finishing inside her. I especially like the scenes where the woman sits on the guy's face."


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22."So as a gay man, I am neither a top nor a bottom. I identify as a side (someone who enjoys all aspects of sex without penetrating or being penetrated). One thing guaranteed to get me off and turn me on the most is getting a man to ejaculate using my mouth. I swallow some of his semen but save some of his semen and spit it into my hand. I then use his semen as lube to masturbate to as he licks and plays with my nipples — oftentimes with us making out in the process."

"I can get off big time when he flicks my nipple with the tip of his tongue at the right time. Now, that will leave me gasping for air once I’ve come."


23."I have a thing for men in socks. It is not exactly a foot fetish, but a man in a nice, clean pair of white socks or some sheer black socks drives me absolutely insane."

Crew-length socks on the feet of someone crossing their legs


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24."My specific kink is hypnosis. I feel like it's opened up tons of possibilities for my partner, and it keeps sex fresh and interesting. Just being vulnerable enough to share my kink with them has led to more open and honest communication about our attitudes around sex. We have better and more satisfying sex as a result."