24 Harsh Truths That People Think Americans Aren't Ready To Hear But Probably Should

Recently on r/AskReddit, u/swansonite456 asked, "What are Americans not ready to hear?"

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The responses ranged from some harsh truths about politics to hot takes on everything from unhealthy food to bathroom stalls.

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While a lot of Americans on the thread acknowledged that they are aware of these issues but feel powerless to take action against many of them, it's still fascinating to see the way people from other countries view America.

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Here are 24 things people from other countries think Americans aren't ready to hear:

1."You need more than two political parties for democracy to work."

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2."The entire world excels at making bathroom stalls that you can’t see between. Not sure why the US stall manufacturers can’t figure out how to close those massive gaps…"

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3."They don't really know what terms like 'liberal,' 'socialist,' and 'fascist' mean."


4."Mexico is not in sepia lighting."

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5."You shouldn’t have to give birth, then go back to work a week later."

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6."You’re the foreigner in 192 countries."


7."I saw/heard footage of a school shooting broadcast on TV where a kid's swearing was bleeped out. As if swearing was the thing that tipped that scene over into indecent. But boy, could we hear the shots and the screams. You need to get your priorities sorted."

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8."Your tipping culture is a scam. Tipping should not be an obligation of your customers."

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9."The way you understand race, culture, and ethnicity is not universal. Applies to many things, actually: You’re not the global default."


10."College shouldn't drain your entire savings account."

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11."Working 80 hours a week isn’t something to brag about."

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12."Profit-based healthcare is wrong on so many levels."


13."You let food companies put in whatever crap preservatives they want and make up weight with artificial sweeteners instead of real ingredients. That's the big threat to your life, not secret communists."

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14."Yes, you do have an accent. If you think you don't because you 'read words exactly as they're written, without any kind of regional flair,' you're mistaken about that. There's no such thing. Speaking without an accent would be like typing without a font. An accent is just a method of pronouncing a language — everyone has one!"

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15."Honestly? That we're NOT the greatest country in the world. That we've gotten a lot of things very wrong, especially in recent years."


16."Religion has no place in politics, hence 'separation of church and state.'"

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17."Your obsession with lawns is weird. Let native plants grow where they need to grow. Grass isn't prettier than your local flora."

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18."America is only capitalist for poor people. Rich people live in a socialist state, where they constantly get bailouts, subsidies, and debt forgiveness."


19."What temperature it is in Celsius."

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20."The 24-hour clock is the shit."

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21."Pledging allegiance to your flag every morning is really strange. We had that in Europe ~80 years ago. It didn't end up well for anyone."

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22."If you don't have universal healthcare for all and a cheap or free university system that's accessible to all, you're not a first-world country."


23."Nobody else in the world gives a damn about American football."

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24.And to end on a more positive note: "Despite every problem your country is dealing with right now, you are all still immensely privileged, and most of you live a life that millions can only dream of."


Anything else you'd add to this list? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Note: Some comments have been edited for length and/or clarity.