39 Amazing Labor Day Fitness Deals You Can Score Now

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Photo credit: Courtesy of Retailer
Photo credit: Courtesy of Retailer

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LABOR DAY weekend is finally here, which means we're officially in the tail end of summer. But that doesn't mean your beach bod regimen should stop now. Instead, continue the progress. Keep going! You've already gotten this far, so why give up those precious gains you worked so hard to achieve?

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On the flip side we understand you might be in a lull in your workout routine. To combat stagnation, we're curating the best Labor Day fitness deals to give your workouts a lift (pun intended) and help solidify that epic home gym you've been slowly building. Below you can view all the latest deals in real time. So if it's on this page, you'll be safe knowing these sales are freshly spotted.

While there are a ton of fitness deals that will be going on during Labor Day, you'll want to pay attention to top-selling tech and weight equipment. For example, the Suunto 9 Baro watch is currently over $100 off it's regular retail price right now (17% off). There's also a rare sale on Onnit kettlebells, specifically their popular Primal Kettlebells (15% off).

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And when it comes to gym apparel, footwear, and accessories, there are going to be tons of sales happening. We found two hidden gems already with this lululemon Textured Training Long Sleeve (33% off) and this RAINS Gym Bag (36% off).

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Make sure to continue watching this space! We'll be replenishing more add-to-cart-worthy fitness deals from now through Labor Day on September 5th!

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