23 Times Complete And Total Strangers On The Internet Totally, Completely, 100% Nailed Their Response

1.On belly buttons:

person saying your belly button is just your old mouth

2.On dental care:

person who says whats red and bed for your teeth and someone says a brick

3.On World War III:

someone asks who will start WWIII and the person responds pretending they are talking about wonder woman 3

4.On foods:

someone asks what you could eat for the rest of your life and someone says poison

5.On turning 30:

someone asks what you should do before you turn 30 and someone says turn 29

6.On pointlessness:

someone asks what the most pointless thing you've seen is and they say a sphere

7.On marriage:

person pointing out how different the sentence will you marry me is depending on where a comma is

8.On choppin' it up:

someone asks how do i talk to people and someone responds stand in front of them and press a

9.On dragons:

person who says dragons are awesome and i will fight anyone who says opposite and someone says opposite

10.On states:

someone asks what they worst state theyve seen a bathroom is in and someone says new jersey

11.On the sun:

someone says based on space math the sun is 20 years old and someone responds so i can legally fuck the sun

12.On heartbeats:

someone says chances are your heart is synced up with someone else and someone responds especially if youre dead

13.On the ocean:

person who says the ocean is a soup and someone responds and says then earth is a bowl

14.On location:

someone says using food where do you live and they say turkey

15.On girls:

person who says girls are like strawberries sometimes they are in the store

16.On sentences:

person writing a sentence wrong on purpose and someone says in response well you wrote it wrong

17.On moustaches:

person who tells a story about shaving their moustache and their gf says grow it back

18.On jail:

someone asks someone why they were in jail and they say for breaking the law

19.On almonds:

someone says cynaide smells like almonds and asks what almonds smell like and someone says cyanide

20.On names:

someone asks if they could pick their birth name what would it be and someone says it would be something like goo goo gah gah

21.On the center of the states:

someone says they found the center of the usa and someone responds no someone else did there's a monument

22.On glasses:

someone shows off their glasses and gets roasted

23.And on psychology:

person who says i'm a psychologist so i can say don't believe everything you hear and someone says then i can't believe what you say too