Woman leaves TikTok speechless with post-jaw-surgery transformation: 'I didn't expect that'

A 23-year-old woman has gone viral for her TikTok showcasing her before-and-after appearances surrounding her jaw surgery.

Jax shared a time-lapse of her journey to having total temporomandibular joint (TMJ) replacement surgery. TMJ disorders impact the jaw’s joints and can cause a lot of pain.

Jax suffered from idiopathic condylar resorption, which impacted the shape of her face and caused medical issues.

“I could not bite into food, it was hard to chew food, obviously I was in a lot of pain … when [my lower jaw] went back, it would close up my airway and I couldn’t breathe,” she explained in one video.

Her procedure, which took place in December 2020, left her with a replaced TMJ and a titanium jaw that helped properly align her teeth.

“My teeth will touch for the first time in almost 10 years,” Jax said in another TikTok video ahead of the surgery.

After about a week in recovery, Jax was able to take off the bandaids and show off the incredible physical changes from the surgery. But she says she felt the positive effects of the new TMJ almost immediately.

“It hasn’t been as hard as expected,” she said in a comment about recovery. “But how could it be when I could see the results immediately?”

Jax’s TikTok documentation of the before and after her surgery racked up over 53 million views.

“Omg this is amazing!” one person commented. “You look so happy!”

“Wow I didn’t expect that,” another added. “It looks so good.”

“Beautiful before and after,” a third said.

During recovery, Jax still has to consume foods and liquids through syringes and squirt bottles and keep rubber bands on her braces to realign the midline in her teeth.

“I can’t believe your progress,” someone wrote.

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