22-year-old college student sparks controversy by showing off gun in graduation photo

Brenna Spencer is ending her college career on a somewhat dramatic note.

To celebrate her upcoming graduation from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, the 22-year-old senior posed for a graduation photo shoot promoting two things she loves: President Trump, and guns.

The graduation photo has sparked a debate on social media. (Photo: Brenna Spencer/Twitter)
The graduation photo has sparked a debate on social media. (Photo: Brenna Spencer/Twitter)

As ABC News reports, Spencer sparked controversy after she tweeted the photo, which shows her wearing a “Women for Trump” T-shirt — purchased, incidentally, at Trump Tower. A handgun is also tucked into the waistline of her skinny white jeans.

Her tweet, which already has 70,000 likes, has raised eyebrows from commenters who disagree with her views.

Some gun-rights advocates also expressed concern, citing Spencer’s pose and lack of a holster.

“I’m 100% pro-gun but brandishing a firearm for a photo shoot or showing it off to try and look cool is just stupid,” one commenter argued. “They are tools. Why brag about carrying a gun?”

“Because I’m proud of my Second Amendment right and I want to empower other women!” Spencer responded. “Absolutely they are tools but I will always brag about being able to carry a gun to protect myself, my friends, and my family!”

She explained that she was wearing a concealed-carry belly-band holster and just showing off the gun for the photo. Spencer also clarified that the picture was taken outside the Hunter Museum of Art, which prohibits guns, and that she didn’t enter the building.

“I did think that it would get a little attention, but not to this degree,” the communications major, who claims to own several handguns, told ABC of the uproar. “It was really, really surprising to see the amount of hate that I got.”

But there’s been plenty of support too.

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