22 Screenshots Of People Interacting With Their Exes That Are Pure Secondhand Embarrassment

1.This person's ex who pretended he'd gotten arrested to get their attention.

The ex pretends to be a police officer who has arrested someone and threatens to harm them, then asks the recipient "do you want Paul back," presumably talking about themselves

2. This person begging their ex for nudes.

3.This person's ex who tried to make them jealous, but wound up being the one with hurt feelings.

Someone texts a picture of them kissing someone else, saying they hope it doesn't upset the recipient; the recipient responds with a picture of their engagement ring, and the original sender gets very upset

4. This person whose ex tried to use Cash App to communicate after getting blocked everywhere else.

5.This person using a fish's death to contact his ex.

The ex says the fish they owned together has died, doesn't get a response, then goes on a long rant that ends with saying he was more than a fish, he was a lasting memory of their relationship

6.This person's sympathy-seeking ex who owed them money but wants to preorder video games instead.

One person asks for the money they're owed, and the responder says they don't have it but that they'll cancel their Crash Bandicoot order

7.This person's ex who pops in on social media every so often to leave petty "I'm doing better than you" comments like this.

On a video of kids playing on an inflatable slide, the ex says "I see your inflatable and raise you a 50,000 in-ground pool and hot tub for my teenagers" with laughing emojis

8.This person's ex who really tried to pull the old "that wasn't to you."

Someone tries to get their ex to come over to hand out candy on Halloween; when the ex refuses, the person says "come cuddle" and then "that wasn't to you"

9.This person's ex who tried to act like this message was sent on accident.

A person says "I kinda miss him, but he doesn't care about me anymore," then when told they sent to the wrong person, says "I can't delete the message, ignore it"

10.This person's ex who texted them after getting in a new relationship.

A person tells their ex they're in a new relationship, the ex congratulates them, and the person repeatedly asks if their ex is mad or sad about it

11.This person's ex who wants to know why they broke up, but also wants to act like she isn't inquiring about it.

Someone sends a text asking why they broke up, then follows it up with "sorry about that, my friend took my phone"

12.This person's ex who has a new girlfriend, but still tried to hit them up at 1 a.m.

Someone says "you wanna come over," their ex says "fuck no," the person says "sorry wrong person," and the ex responds "bullshit"

13.This person's ex who "accidentally" shared the news of their engagement after a year of not speaking.

Someone says they're engaged and can't wait to see the recipient this weekend, their ex says congratulations but they have the wrong number, and the person says "well now you know I'm engaged haha"

14.Or this person's ex who straight-up sent them a photo of their certificate of marriage and pretended it was a whoopsie.

Screen shot of a message where someone sent someone else their marriage certificate and said, "Oops sorry meant for someone else"

15.This person's ex who "happened" to be at the same bar as her and tried to reach out.

Screen shot of an ex at the same bar asking for them to go over for a drink

16.This person's ex who "mistakenly" sent multiple texts to them after not talking for months.

Someone sends a greeting, says they texted the wrong number, then says "glad you enjoyed the date" and offers another date before saying "my phone keeps choosing the wrong contact, how embarrassing"

17.This person's recent ex who sent them this string of texts.

Someone sends a message complimenting the recipient and saying "would love to be in your lap right now," then says it's the wrong number and "sorry that must have been confusing"

18.This person's ex who awkwardly failed at making them jealous.

Someone says "I hope you enjoy the cupcake on your window," and the recipient is confused what they're talking about
The person says again there's a cupcake on the recipient's window, it was put there by the sender's fiancé; the recipient says they don't see anything
The person says they thought someone threw a cupcake at the recipient's window with an invite to the wedding, then says "remember remember the fifth of November"; the recipient is getting even more confused
The recipient confirms they know who is texting, the person says "that's funny you still have my number saved," then says to delete it because they're getting married and "just wanted to troll you one last time"
Text reading, "Uh Okay, bye"

19.This person's ex who disappeared on them for a year, then tried to start this conversation after seeing they'd moved on.

Someone starts a conversation, the recipient asks who it is, the sender gets offended, then says "we haven't spoken in a while and you just brush me off like nothing"

20.This person's ex who sent them this after not speaking for seven months.

A long message that says they're too scared to actually send anything but are typing it anyway, then after it sends saying "fuck it actually sent, oh God, instant regret"

21.This person's ex who said they wanted their number deleted but mostly seemed to want to get a reaction.

A person opens a conversation by asking the recipient to delete their number, then says "when the dump dumps you but you're all good cuz you realize he was trash," then claims they meant to send that to someone else

22.And finally, this person's ex who they were considering giving another shot, until...

Someone says "I love you," the recipient says "I need time," and the sender says "does this mean I can't see them titties anymore?"

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