22 Half Bathroom Ideas That Maximize Style

These spaces might be small, but they can pack a big design punch.

<p>Stacy Zarin Goldberg </p>

Stacy Zarin Goldberg

Some call it a half bath while others refer to it as a powder room. Whatever it's dubbed, these small bathrooms are an asset because they are often located on the ground floor or near the main living core of a home—perfectly accessible for guests and family members alike.

Typically consisting of just a toilet and a sink, these small bathrooms are the perfect space to try a bold design choice or employ fun materials that might be too costly to use in larger spaces. Plus, a half bath is a unique way to add resale value to your home.

Whether you're thinking about adding one or are looking for ways to refresh the space you already have, these half bathroom ideas will spark creativity.

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Half Bath Tile Inspiration

<p> Josh Grubbs</p>

Josh Grubbs

Penny and subway tiles are two timeless styles that will likely never go out of style. If your older home has original features in the half bathroom, embrace the retro look and integrate thrifted furniture and classic damask wallpaper to complement it.

Half Bath Vanity Ideas

<p>Julie Soefer</p>

Julie Soefer

Create a unique design by turning a dresser into a vanity in the half bath. Keep the rest of the room cozy by incorporating neutral colors along with warm wood and gold accents.

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Classic Half Bathroom Ideas

<p>Stacy Zarin Goldberg</p>

Stacy Zarin Goldberg

Give your guests a serene space to visit by sticking with a muted color scheme in the half bathroom. Dark blue wall paneling, delicate floral wallpaper, and traditional fixtures and decor come together to create a stunning, yet ageless, style.

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Contemporary Half Bathroom Ideas

<p>Lisa Romerein</p>

Lisa Romerein

If you prefer a modern and clean look in the bathroom, be sure to keep it simple. You can play with wallpaper but choose a graphic in a small print and the fixtures, like the vanity and light fixture, should be nothing short of sleek.

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Half Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

<p>John Bessler</p>

John Bessler

Sometimes, unique bathroom ceilings can be a deliberate design choice. Other times, you have to work with what you’ve got. In the case of a sloped ceiling like this, apply a subtle, yet stunning, wallpaper to make the small space stand out.

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Yellow Half Bathroom

<p>David A Land</p>

David A Land

If your half bathroom is positioned against an outside wall of the house and, therefore, has a window, take advantage of the natural light. You can keep additional lighting simple with a single overhead fixture and rely on natural sunlight, along with a cheery accent color like yellow to illuminate the room.

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Black and White Bathroom

<p>James Nathan Schroder</p>

James Nathan Schroder

If you’re partial to a black and white motif but still want to create a captivating interior, experiment with mixing patterns and incorporating brass elements. This bathroom blends white herringbone subway tiles and black beadboard on the walls with black and white penny tile flooring for an eccentric yet coordinated design.

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Bold Bathroom Wallpaper

<p>Brie Williams</p>

Brie Williams

White subway tile in the bathroom is a classic, albeit safe, choice. You can easily dress it up by applying a vibrant and colorful wallpaper pattern above the half wall of tile. Since the space is already so small (and you're only covering half of the wall), this is a fairly inexpensive project.

Earthy Half Bathroom

<p>Werner Straube</p>

Werner Straube

There are no hard or fast rules when it comes to decorating a half bathroom, so it’s the ideal place to push your comfort limits. Test out a new design style or color palette by installing painted wainscoting, bold wallpaper, and globe light fixtures.

Half Bathroom Shelving Ideas

<p>Stacy Goldberg</p>

Stacy Goldberg

Powder rooms shouldn’t be where you store your toiletries as they typically don’t have the space to spare. Instead, install a floating shelf along the wall above the sink and strategically place decorative items alongside a few essentials for guests to use in a pinch.

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Cottage Style Half Bath

<p>Jay Wilde</p>

Jay Wilde

If you’re enjoying the grandmillennial trend, embrace the design style by giving your half bath a vintage feel with dainty details. A pop of floral wallpaper, a tiny yet ornate mirror, a whimsical bunny hand towel holder, and an antique pitcher all come together to create a sweet cottage-inspired space.

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Half Bath with Floating Sink

<p>Werner Straube </p>

Werner Straube

You can find floating sinks that mesh with any type of aesthetic, from modern to retro. Freeing the floor up from a vanity or pedestal gives you a little more wiggle room in a half bath to store baskets of extra towels or toilet paper underneath.

Minimalist Half Bath

<p>Read McKendree</p>

Read McKendree

Depending on your personal preference, you may opt to keep it simple in the powder room to avoid overpowering the small space. If that’s the case, keep the look clean with a mostly white interior, a handful of matte black details for contrast, and minimal decorative pieces.

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Glam Half Bathroom Ideas

<p>Emily Followill</p>

Emily Followill

Give company a dose of drama by making the powder room an elegant experience. A magnificent silver mirror, an unexpected color palette, and the addition of soft seating, thanks to faux fur, give this half bath a glamorous feel.

Eclectic Half Bathroom

<p>Brittany Ambridge</p>

Brittany Ambridge

Don’t be shy about allowing your artistic side to shine through in a half bathroom. Here, a black-and-white color scheme is the prime backdrop to display eclectic artwork, floral light fixtures, and funky sculptural pieces.

Maximize Space

<p>Jay Wilde</p>

Jay Wilde

When working with limited square footage, a little creativity will go a long way. Consider mounting a scaled-down corner sink as a simple space-saving solution. Don’t hesitate to embrace a more maximalist decorating style by applying a playful wallpaper, bold hand towels, and statement mirror.

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Neutral Half Bathroom Ideas

<p>Kim Cornelison</p>

Kim Cornelison

Love the idea of a classic powder room style but don’t want subway tiles to feel bland? Opt for them in a warm brown hue rather than white for a unique spin on the traditional look. Modernize the space even more by choosing a marble countertop and accents in matte black and gold.

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Half Bath Tile Ideas

<p>Werner Segarra</p>

Werner Segarra

If you have your eye on a tile motif that would otherwise break the bank in a big bathroom, consider it for a half bath instead. Since this space is smaller, take the opportunity to create the accent wall of your dreams like this mix of intricate patterns.

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Half Bathroom Wall Ideas

Although no one will be (splish, splash) taking a bath in the powder room, you can still evoke a coastal feel with the decor. Gray and gold metallic fish scale patterned wallpaper paired with a modern vanity gives the space a sophisticated, yet playful, appeal.

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Rustic Half Bathroom Inspiration

<p>Jared Kuzia</p>

Jared Kuzia

While this half bathroom has overtones of modern farmhouse style, it appears more rustic in nature, which is fitting for older homes. Keep the walls fresh by choosing a vertical shiplap and topping a wood vanity with a concrete countertop.

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Colorful Half Bath

<p>Frances Janisch</p>

Frances Janisch

If you’ve always dreamed of having a pink bathroom, channel your inner Barbie as you decorate the half bath. Hang wallpaper in your ideal shade, find accessories to match, and add an accent piece like a statement mirror or light fixture.

Monochrome Half Bathroom

There are infinite variations of color schemes you can use in a bathroom. No matter how bold your color choice is, stick to a monochromatic palette to keep from overwhelming the small space. Choose an accent color or feature (such as the geometric blue wallpaper used here) and balance it out with black and white details.

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