These 21 Photos Scared The Living Daylights Out Of Me

1.This truck that's carrying "a disease which has no cure":

"This container transports a disease which has no cure"

2.This woman whose sunroom has the perfect view of the hurricane in Florida:

Someone watching a hurricane

3.This cat that received the most terrifying grooming:

A cat with a bad haircut

4.This molar with creepily long roots:

Someone holding up a tooth

5.This ski sign that suggests prior deaths in the area:

A sign saying, "You will die if you do not return to ski area."

6.These frogs that are all mysteriously facing the same direction:

Frogs on a street

7.This kid's costume that's gonna haunt my dreams tonight:

A child dressed as a snake

8.This windowless building:

A building with no windows

9.This view from a radio tower:

Images from the top of a radio tower

10.This camera hidden in a vent at an Airbnb:

A camera in an Airbnb vent

11.And this mysterious mirror hovering over the toilet in an Airbnb:

A mirror on the ceiling of the bathroom

12.This woman-dog hybrid:

A woman sitting on the floor next to her dog

13.This set of murder weapons someone found on their street:

A hammer and knife on a countertop

14.This other-worldly-looking peyote cactus:

A peyote cactus

15.This terrifying "note" someone found hidden in their house:

A paper with symbols

16.This dentist armchair that's riddled with fingernail marks:

An armchair with nail marks

17.This silhouette of a Pennywise sticker that scared the person who put it up in the first place:

A Pennywise silhouette

18.This diagram of how the Big Bird costume works:

A diagram for the Big Bird costume

19.This bat nest:

A bat nest

20.This person's pond decoration:

A Jason mask in a pond

21.And finally, this turtle eating a strawberry:

A turtle eating a strawberry

H/T: r/oddlyterrifying