21 Harry Potter gifts to give your Hogwarts-obsessed friend this Christmas

Harry Potter Christmas gifts are always a good idea for the Hogwarts fan in your life. While their acceptance letter to the Wizarding World might never come down the chimney (damn), you can get them something they'll love to unwrap - just like Ron's incredible woolly R jumper.
Maybe you could throw them a Hogwarts themed Christmas party. Maybe you could cover their tree in Primark's incredible themed decorations. Or maybe you could get them one of these brilliant Harry Potter gift ideas to hide under the tree.

Whether it's a golden snitch themed piece of jewellery for your sister, or a Harry Potter poster for your mate's wall, a pin badge or some super fluffy slippers for your dad - there are loads of gifting options out there inspired by our fave non-official Christmas movie.

And hey, if you're the biggest Harry Potter fan you know? Maybe a little gift for yourself could be well overdue.


Get this Harry Potter print personalised to make it the perfect (and thoughtful) Christmas gift.


An easy way to let everyone know they're entering a Harry Potter fans' house.


This subtle nod to the wonderful wizarding world is great for anyone that doesn't want to go full Potterhead.


Is this not the coolest casserole dish you've ever seen? Yes. The answer is yes.


For something a *little* bit more grown up, how about this flying car poster?


Harry Potter is great. Dobble is great. What could be better than a combination of the two?


A bit like the sorting hat, but sorting mugs.


We love this magical spin on a stationery classic.


You know we love a quiz, so this is a great way to make one Harry Potter themed.


Give the gift of someone's very own Hedwig this Christmas.


If experiential gifts are more your thing, how about this walking tour of London? Bonus points if you find Diagon Alley.


It goes without saying that Neville Longbottom is the best character, so why not honour him with this cute keychain?


Festive *and* personalised? We're sold.


That's Boxing Day sorted.


These slippers are so extra, we love them. Could totally imagine Ginny Weasley in them tbh.


Grab a butterbeer and whip up a feast that wouldn't look out of place in the great hall with this oven glove.


And some beautiful dessert places for pudding!


Hedwig, is that you?


harry potter gifts
Andrew Aitchison - Getty Images

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A! Harry! Potter! Fan! Must!


Starting from £8.95, these cute pins will make the best stocking fillers.


Lastly, a stylish coin necklace that shows your Hogwarts allegiance.

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