Why the $21 hair towel taking over Amazon is being called a 'life-changer'

Adrianna Barrionuevo
Amazon shoppers who try the Aquis Original hair turban and towel swear by it — here’s why. (Photo: Aquis)
Amazon shoppers who try the Aquis Original hair turban and towel swear by it — here’s why. (Photo: Aquis)

Among the sea of hair accessories and towels on Amazon lives an “indispensable” microfiber turban, according to thousands of reviews.

The Aquis Original Hair Turban ($21) is a top-rated hair towel, and no, it’s not your average towel. It’s made with a uniquely-designed fabric that cuts down on drying time, reduces frizz and protects from friction-induced damage brought on by traditional towels. If the turban isn’t for you, the brand also makes a 19-by-39-inch flat version that resembles a traditional towel for the same price.

So what makes this Amazon best-seller so great?

“The common microfiber towel is knitted terry and was designed for cleaning, which it is great for — the loops grab dust and hold it inside the looped area with the electric charge generated, but that is exactly what you do not want on your hair cuticles,” explains Britta Cox, founder of Aquis, to Yahoo Lifestyle. She notes that traditional towels adhere to your skin in order to dry it, but the same motion causes friction, thus damaging hair.

Aquis Original Hair Turban (10″ x 26″) in dark gray, white and black. (Photo: Amazon)
Aquis Original Hair Turban (10″ x 26″) in dark gray, white and black. (Photo: Amazon)

”Your hair is made of keratin, just like your fingernails. If you soak your fingernails in water for even a few minutes they get very soft, pliable and weak,” Cox says. “The same thing happens with your hair — the hair gets weak. After a few minutes of being wet, hair starts to stretch and swell. The swelling pushes the cuticles open.”

The stretching and swelling of hair can cause breakage and damage. But like a fingernail, hair regains its strength when it’s dry, so by removing that water faster, you get less frizz and more shine.

Cox also points out, “It is great for all hair types, especially those with curly hair and delicate hair or others who color their hair frequently.”

A closer look at the Aquis Original hair turban. (Photo: Aquis)
A closer look at the Aquis Original hair turban. (Photo: Aquis)

How it works

Aquis claims to dry hair 50 percent faster sans frizz, and the secret is in the brand’s wicking technology, called Aquitex. Cox says the lightweight, innovative fabric is similar to that used for high-performance sports apparel.

“In our case, we are transporting huge amounts of water away efficiently from your hair without snagging cuticles or needing heat to speed dry hair,” she explains. “Aquis helps minimize the swelling and stretching of hair without heat, thus protecting its integrity while in its weakest state.”

Aquis Original hair towels (19″ x 39″). (Photo: Amazon)
Aquis Original hair towels (19″ x 39″). (Photo: Amazon)

What the reviews say

“Indispensable,” wrote a reviewer. “I have finely-textured hair and pulling a big, cotton towel off of my head sometimes snagged hairs and broke them. This turban is gentle on my hair, comfortable, and eminently practical … For me, the Aquis Hair Turban is a brilliant solution to a vexing problem.”

“Curly girl approved,” raved another. “After I wash my hair I apply all my curly hair products, throw this turban on and do my make up. By the time I’m done with my face, the turban has soaked up 50% of the excess water and diffusing takes half the time it used to.”

One happy customer said, “Worth the money,” adding, “I have been using microfiber turbans for years, but none compare to the Aquis! They are well worth the money, in my opinion. I notice my hair dries quickly but retains more moisture (super important for curly hair!) when I use this towel opposed to the cheap turbans purchased at Target. The quality is excellent, and I like that there is a bit of elastic to keep the turban fitted to your head.”

“Simply the BEST,” wrote an enthusiastic fan. “I am a 70-year-old male. I have used this product for over 20 years. Tried cheap imitations a few times but always come back to this product. I buy them for our daughters and grandchildren. These are the best.”

Pet owners love it too. “I originally bought the Aquis Hair Towel for my own personal use and have loved it. I own several of them. Recently, I was bathing my dog. It usually takes at least 6 towels to dry her off. So I thought I’d try the Aquis Hair Towel,” explained a pet owner. “Wow, it soaked so much water! It only took two of the Aquis towels and one bath towel to get her dry and she was so soft and fluffy. I immediately ordered two more towels from Amazon. I plan to use these all the time with my dogs now. What a great surprise!”

“A game and life-changer,” raved another reviewer, who also called the Aquis turban, “an invention that really works and makes life easier.”

Shop the Aquis Original Hair Turban ($21) and Original Hair Towel ($21) at Amazon.com.

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