The 2024 Screen Actors Guild Awards Have a New Date and Home on Netflix

Yes, it is May. Yes, the 2023 SAG Awards happened less than three months ago. Yes, it is a bit ludicrous that I'm already writing about an event that will most likely be honoring films that not a soul has seen, but THAT'S AWARDS SEASON BABY! Get in loser, we're heading to the SAGs.

The 2024 Screen Actors Guild Awards (or SAGs as they've come to be known), are awards handed out each year to television and film actors. They're voted on by their piers in the Screen Actors Guild and handed out at a star studded ceremony every year in the weeks leading up to the Academy Awards. While the 2024 SAGs are still months away, we do already have some info, and we'll be updating this post throughout the year to keep you up to date.

Here's everything we know about the 2024 SAG Awards: 

When are the 2024 SAG Awards?

The 30th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards (or the 2024 SAGs) will be passed out on Saturday, Feb. 24, 2024. This is the same calendar slot as the 2023 SAGs, slotting in right before the voting window for the Oscars closes. That means that everyone will be paying close attention to the winners coming out of the 2024 ceremony when predicting the Academy Award winners.

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When will the 2024 SAG Awards nominations be announced?

The nominations will be announced on Wednesday, Jan. 10, 2024, a month and a half before the ceremony.

What time do the 2024 SAG Awards start?

The 2024 SAG Awards will start at 5 p.m. PT/8 p.m. ET on Saturday, Feb. 24, 2024.

Where will the 2024 SAG Awards take place?

In 2024, the SAGs will be moving back to the Shrine Auditorium, the venue that hosted the awards show from 1998-2020. The last two ceremonies were held elsewhere due to COVID, but in 2024, they're returning to the iconic Las Angeles venue that has also hosted the Oscars, Grammys, Emmys and the Pepsi commercial where Michael Jackson set his hair on fire.

How to watch and live stream the 2024 SAG Awards?

The 2024 SAG Awards will be streamed live directly onto Netflix. While the ceremony aired on cable networks TBS and TNT for years, the SAGs moved last year over to Netflix in a multi-year deal. Last year they streamed live on the Netflix YouTube page because they didn't yet have the technology to air live directly on the streaming platform.

However, as we saw with the Love Is Blind reunion, the technology is still a bit glitchy over at Netflix. Hopefully by February, they'll have some of the kinks ironed out.

Who is eligible for the 2024 SAG Awards?

The 2024 SAG Awards will honor acting performances that premiered or aired during the 2023 calendar year. That means that any film performance from 2023 is eligible, just like the Oscars. On the TV side, there is a little wiggle room for TV shows that have seasons that cross between two years, but the contenders match up with the Golden Globe Awards more than the Emmys, which don't operate on a calendar year.

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Who is the 2024 SAG Awards host?

The 2024 has yet to be announced, if they have one at all. Hostless ceremonies have been trendy as of late, but who knows what Netflix will opt to do.

Who votes for the SAG Awards?

During the nominating phase, two committees (one for TV, one for film) are randomly selected from the members of the Screen Actors Guild. Those two committees, each with 2,100 appointees, vote for the nominees in their division.

Then for the actual winners, all 165,000+ members of SAG are able to vote, making it one of the largest voting bodies of awards season.

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