2023 Seniors Are Inviting Celebrities to Their Graduation Parties in Viral TikTok Trend

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The 25 Best Graduation Party Ideas Style Glam

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Because a graduation party is a celebration of endings and beginnings, there's something extra special—and challenging—about hosting one. It can feel bittersweet for high school and college grads and their loved ones to say goodbye even as they're looking forward to the exciting next stage in their lives. A graduation is also a huge milestone that brings together people from different parts of a grad's life: fellow students, friends, mentors, and all the family members who helped them along the way. For older guests, it can be a time to reflect on the past and share advice for a successful transition. That's a lot of emotions and a lot of different people to please.

As the host, how do you plan a springtime party your grad will be proud to share on TikTok without spending a fortune? It turns the social media platform actually has some great ideas, including one of our current favorites. (Hint: It involves recent grads inviting their favorite celebs to attend.) Even if the star can't accept, you never know what kind of advice or well wishes they might share instead. We've also sourced budget-friendly buys and DIY decorations you can pull together fast, including must-have picture walls and party favors. Whether you're planning a celebratory end-of-exams toast or a sentimental sendoff, these 25 graduation party ideas will help you plan a celebration the graduate in your life will carry with them forever.

Superlative Balloons

Take part in a time-honored yearbook tradition and give partygoers superlatives like Best Hair and Most Likely to Become Famous. For extra fun, use balloons in school colors and real yearbook photos.

Get the tutorial at Studio DIY.

graduation party ideas 2023
Studio DIY

School Spirit Keychains

A spirited gift for high school or college graduates, these acrylic keychains are easy to make on an electric cutting machine like a Cricut. Start with premade acrylic keychain bases, then add a glittery logo or mascot design.

Get the tutorial at The Homes I Have Made.

graduation party ideas
The Homes I Have Made

Festive Ribbons

After the caps and gowns come off, adorn graduates with handmade ribbons covered in well wishes and congratulatory messages. You could also provide the materials and let party guests make personalized awards for your grad.

Get the tutorial from Lia Griffith.

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Courtesy of Lia Griffith

Oh, The Places You'll Go Party Theme

Create a full-circle moment with party decorations inspired by Dr. Seuss's classic children's book Oh, The Places You'll Go. Deck the room out in shades of blue and green, accessorize with globes and vintage luggage, and don't forget to provide a map charting your recent grad's next moves.

Get the tutorial at A Night Owl Blog.

graduation party ideas 2023
A Night Owl Blog

Advice Tree

Create a station where guests can help their grad grow. Group bare branches in a simple vase, then lay out small cards for guests to fill with words of wisdom and life advice. Provide mini clothespins for them to hang their card on the tree. It's a festive centerpiece for a gift table or addition to a photo display.

Get the tutorial at Play Party Plan.

graduation party ideas 2023
Play Party Plan

Mail Graduation Invites to Celebs

If you've been daydreaming about an A-List graduation party with celebrities like Selena Gomez, jump on the viral TikTok trend. Mail a few extra invitations to your favorite celebs. You can create custom design graduation invitations at home with an electric cutting machine, such as a Cricut. You never know, your invitation might look so amazing, Selena will pop in to say, "Congrats, grad!"

Get the tutorial at Idie H Design.

diy graduation invitations

Floating Picture Frames

Elevate your dessert buffet with gilded picture frames. Spray paint an odd number of old ones, then hang them up on the wall behind it as a backdrop. The gold frames pick up gold accents on the sweets, tying the whole tablescape together.

Get the tutorial at Stay Glam.

pretty graduation decor
Style Glam

DIY Graduation Cap Messages

After the graduation ceremony, set up a craft table with extra graduation caps for guests to decorate with motivational quotes. The graduate can hang it as wall art in their dorm room or in their first apartment.

Get the tutorial at Polka Dot Chair.

diy decorate a graduation hat
Polka Dot Chair

Holographic Balloon Backdrop

It wouldn't be a party without disco balls, right? This year instead of 2023 balloons go for metallic stars, moons, and balls in a monochromatic color scheme to make the grad and your guests stand out in this photo opt.

Get the tutorial at Studio DIY.

balloon backdrop graduation
Studio DIY

Party Cereal Bar

You already know how much kids and teenagers alike love cereal. So give the graduate what they want—they earned it. Load the cereal station with all their favorites, like golden grahams and lucky charms.

Get the tutorial at Fun365.

graduation cereal bar
Oriental Trading Company

Funfetti Graduation Cupcakes

At an underage party, champagne glasses don't have to go to waste. Fill with candies and top them with cupcakes adorned with a buttercream graduation cap—yum! Everyone can toast these delicious treats.

Get the tutorial at Living Locurto.

diy graduation cupcakes
Living Lucato

Printable Graduation Cards

During graduation season, you need a lot of cards to gift graduates some funds to help them on their way to adulthood. But buying all those cards can add up. The cheeky printable cards are free, so draw or paint them for a personal touch.

Get the tutorial at Studio DIY.

printable graduation cards
Studio DIY

Paper Leis

If you're hosting a graduation party outside, consider making paper leis for the graduate and your guests to wear during the festivities. You can also mix and match your cardstock and spray paint the petals contrasting colors for a different look.

Get the tutorial at The House That Lars Built.

diy graduation lei
The House That Lars Built

Graduation Fiesta Theme

You can have a graduation party with lots of vibrant colors and a taco station and cerveza bar. For floral arrangements, focus on desert plants like succulents, and instead of money balloons, get a money pinata.

Get the tutorial at Stay Glam.

diy graduation letter board
Stay Glam

Graduation Inspired Drinks

You can create a signature drink with cute DIY graduation caps and custom labels at the graduation party. Your guests will want to keep them as a party favor at the end of the night too.

Get the tutorial at Stay Glam.

diy graduation drinks
Stay Glam

Graduation Cap Party Favors

Candy anyone? No matter how young or old, a tube filled with candy will always be a hit with a grad. You add the personal touch with a paper graduation cap and printable tag they will love.

Get the tutorial at Fun365.

diy graduation tassel craft
Oriental Trading Company

Keys to Success

You'll want to set this display up where guests have space to sit down and write down their wisdom for the graduate as they enter adulthood. You can also find old skeleton keys at your local thrift shop or here. The tutorial includes motivational words you can attach to each key, and your guests can take a skeleton key home as a party favor.

Get the tutorial at Celebrations at Home.

keys to success diy graduation party
Celebrations at Home

Chalk Board Globe

Re-purpose an old globe with a little bit of chalkboard paint and a chalk pen to write a motivational message for their future. During the party, you can use it as a prop, and later they can take it with them to display in their home.

Get the tutorial at Karas Party Ideas.

diy graduation globe

Party Favor Cookies

A homemade cookie is a hit every time. Make a batch of the graduate's favorite cookies and create custom goodie bags your guests can fill up with baked goods from the festivities.

Get the tutorial at Hostessology.

one smart cookie graduation party favor

Graduation Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt ages young and old can do together to solve the rhyming riddles at the party. The game includes eight clues and four blank cards to personalize to solve the graduation hunt.

Buy at Amazon.

graduation scavenger hunt cards

Polaroid Guest Book

Trying something new this year, your guests will love the instant gratification from a polaroid guest book. Everyone can take a selfie and add their photo to the guest book with washi tape.

Get the tutorial at My College Savvy.

graduation polaroid guest book
My college savvy

Graduation Money Lei

You know all the graduate wants (and needs) is money, so gift it stylishly with a money lei. Use string, tape, and dollar bills to complete the DIY. It will make a major fashion statement at the graduation party for sure.

Get the tutorial at Jolly and Happy.

graduation diy money lei
Jolly and happy

Graduation Confetti Cones

Put the kiddos to work wrapping and stuffing cardstock paper with confetti to toss on the graduate at the after-party. It's an easy DIY that will create heartfelt memories to remember long after the graduation party is over.

Get the tutorial at A Bubbly Life.

diy graduation confetti cones
A Bubbly Life

Who Knows The Graduate Best? Game

After the meal, set up a spot to play games at the graduation party. Shine the spotlight on the graduate with a guessing game on who truly knows them the most amongst the guests.

Get the tutorial at My Party Games.

graduation party game
My Party Games

Graduation Tassel Light Bulbs

A graduate has a bright future, and the party favor reflects that sentiment. This clever DIY only requires a few tools, and the light bulbs make great tabletop decor during the graduation party too.

Get the tutorial at Julie Measures.

pretty graduation decor
Julie Measures

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