2022 Mercedes Benz Sprinter walkaround and interior tour

Forget a video walkaround. This is a video walk IN of a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.

Video Transcript

- And now for something completely different, today's test vehicle is a Mercedes Sprinter cargo van. I'd do a walk around, but it would take so long to actually walk around it, this-- this short video would be more like a feature film. So I'm going to walk into it.

This is, of course, the-- a high roof model. And let's see how high the roof is. OK, here we go. Got to love this fire department red color.

And turn it around. I am 6' 3". And you will note that I am not slouched in any way. I am just walking completely upright. So, yeah, that is pretty cool.

And, like, one of the old like Ford O'Connell lines or a GMC Savannah, I'd be like, oh, like-- like-- like this. Nope, not a problem at all. So, yeah, here you go, the interior of the Mercedes Sprinter. Then there's a full partition here. [INAUDIBLE]