2022 Lincoln Navigator Black Label walkaround with Lincoln Navigator Brand Manager

Lincoln Navigator Brand Manager Laura Clark gives Autoblog an exclusive walkaround of the 2022 Lincoln Navigator Black Label

Video Transcript

LAURA CLARK: Hi, I'm Laura Clark. I'm the Navigator Brand Manager. And I'm excited to show you the new '22 model of your Navigator. So as you can see here, we have brought in a new updated Lincoln Front Fascia. So you still have a unique Black Label Grille. This is the first time the Lincoln Navigator is getting a unique Black Label Grille. So we're really excited about it.

The new Fascia really has a much more commanding presence, but it's a refined detail, still elegant, beautiful design that we had from the previous year. As you move over, you have the adaptive pixel projector headlamps. And as you can see, they're really beautiful, they're quite stunning. And this year, one thing we do have as well is the lighting is not just beautiful, it got smarter.

So as you can see when you enter the vehicle with a brace, it's going to fade from the center and fade outwards when you walk in for a welcome. And then when you walk out to say goodbye, it will fade from the outside in. It's Lincoln's way of acknowledging that you're here.

So as you come through over on the side, you'll see the Navigator Black Label Fender Grille. One way to see that it's a Black Label is that it's Black over here, and that is a new perk and an update from last model year. And as you open the door, this is one of the two Black Label themes that we have that is new this year for '22 model year. This is called Invitation, and it's completely inspired by being welcome to a beautiful night at home with loved ones. Think of it as an invitation to a celebration with your friends and family.

As you also can see in the interior, you have the new 13.2 center sect screen. That's center sect screen is powered by Sync 4, which will have over the air software updates via Lincoln Enhanced so that your vehicle is going to get smarter with you over time. And it also will allow a Lincoln Alexa system as well.

And in the second row, we've made a couple updates. This is where you'll find a new rear control module. It's touch screen. It also has the constellation theme that you see in the front row at all inspired by the night's design. For the first time in this segment, we're going to be offering optional massage seats in the second row, which we're really excited about. It takes the same patterns as the first row and puts them into the second row. So now both rows can feel that extra style-like experience.

Additionally, we've updated our Lincoln Play System. It's now two touch screens and powered by Amazon Fire. And as you are in the third row, as you can see the perf pattern still flows all the way through the vehicle. You have USBs for each side, plenty of connection. We know that's very important for our customers.

And then my favorite, power recline for those customers back here to get a little bit more comfort. So really, every row has been thoughtfully executed to ensure everyone's comfort. So one of the ways we've updated Lincoln Embrace is through our partnership with Detroit Symphony Orchestra's Chimes. Now, when you open it up, our alerts are all based on very gentle cues. They're not the loud beeping, they really create this sanctuary experience.

So one of the things we've talked through is the HMI. It's new with Sync 4. And again, it empowers over the year updates. But one of the things that we're really proud of is our model, we launched the constellation theme. But for Navigator, we've taken it a step further. And now, you're going to have the same HMI design language on both the rear control module, the center stack, the cluster, and our heads up display.

So all of this, again, powered by the night sky, that moment where the sun's setting. So you have these very visual, pretty, beautiful cues that pop in when you press from one side to the next. We also have our driver's assist technology. So we will have the most available and standard drivers assist technology in the segment when we launch this new Navigator.

We're really excited to be bringing this to dealership lots in early 2022. Again, we think it's a beautiful expression and evolution of our vehicle. And we're so excited to be able to share what we think is our best Navigator yet with all of you.