2021’s Top Handbag Trends Are All So Slouchy & Soft

Bella Gerard
·1 min read

Usually, I’m able to call out three to five trends that are guaranteed to be a hit for any given season. That said, as I started building my 2021 wardrobe, I couldn’t help but notice literally all handbags and purses following the same exact formula: puffy, slouchy, scrunchie (Is this the new classy, bougie, ratchet?!). It’s true—2021’s bag trends all revolved around the exact same look: a laid-back but still luxe approach to leather.

When I was a kid, I remember favoring a brown paper bag over my cartoon-themed tin lunch box. I can’t explain why, but the neutral bag with its bunched nape just seemed ~cooler~, and I was sure my playground...

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