2021’s Loungewear Trends Make Tie-Dye Sweats Look Sooo Basic

Julia Marzovilla
·1 min read

The tie-dye sweatsuit? Yeah, it had a good run. Last year, there was nothing I wanted more—and I’ve amassed quite the collection to prove it. That said, I can’t help but look at 2021’s loungewear trends and find myself wanting to buy even more sweats and hoodies. Anyone else?

In 2020, cute loungewear was more important than ever before. I mean, we were spending more time indoors than ever before. In 2021, though, it’s all about how we can make those same loungewear pieces work for the lives we live outside of the house. The weather is nice right now and.I am simply itching to spend less time in front of my T.V....

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