Watch live | 2021 Ford F-150 debut is happening

Byron Hurd

Ford is set to unveil the 2021 F-150 to the public Thursday night, and you can watch the event live right here on Autoblog

The YouTube feed will go live Thursday, June 25 at 8:00 p.m. EDT. You will also be able to access the feed via Facebook or Twitter, if that's your thing. 

"Clear your schedules," Ford said Monday. "You're going to want to see the reveal of the all-new F-150 — the toughest, most productive F-150 ever, and targeted to be the most powerful light duty full-size pickup."

Ford also released its final official teaser of the new new half-ton moneymaker to accompany the announcement. While this may be the best official look we've gotten so far, it's still not much. The overhead shot shows what appears to be a SuperCrew model in either Platinum or Limited guise, based on the presence of four individual, chrome-finished door handles. 

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The only truly distinguishable exterior element visible here is the hood, which features a fairly pronounced power bulge. There's no sign of any intake elements, real or otherwise, at least on the top of the hood. In a previous teaser, we got a glimpse of the new truck's C-shaped headlights, which have also appeared with minimal camouflage on Ford's roadgoing prototypes. 

An overhauled interior and over-the-air updates are expected to be baked into the new F-150. Spy photos have shown a digital instrument cluster and a large touchscreen in the new pickup, and rumor has it that a fold-flat passenger seat will be offered for those who need a little extra sleeping space for longer hauls.

Ford was forced to delay the launch of its flagship due to the logistics nightmares brought on by the global coronavirus pandemic. Buyers originally expected to be able to place orders for the new F-150 as early as mid-June, but that date has reportedly been pushed back to  July 15 (one month later than the initial June 15 target) at the earliest, with deliveries likely beginning in late fall. 

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