2021 Ford Bronco demonstrates how effective Trail Turn Assist is

Joel Stocksdale
·1 min read

The 2021 Ford Bronco is chock full of off-road capability, even more so on some trim levels. One of the nifty off-road features is called the Trail Turn Assist, and it's designed to help the Bronco negotiate particularly tight corners. As the above video shows, shot by The Bronco Nation and spotted by The Drive, it's a highly-effective feature, whipping the the two-door Bronco around in a shockingly tight radius.

The Bronco isn't the first to have a feature like this, though, and it likely won't be the last. Toyota introduced a nearly identical system on the Land Cruiser a few years ago. GM has a feature planned called the Hurricane Turn. It works a little differently from the Bronco system that, instead of locking up the inside rear wheel, it clamps the brakes down on both inside wheels to let the outer wheels power the vehicle around. Electric trucks are getting in on the fun, too, as the Rivian R1S and R1T will be able to do a Tank Turn in which each side of electric motors run opposite each other. The result is a true zero-radius turn.

According to The Bronco Nation, the Trail Turn Assist feature will only be available on automatic-equipped Broncos. So that's another feature manual buyers are missing out on besides the Sasquatch package. But it will be available on both engine options.

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