New Orleans restaurant crafts ‘impressive’ socially distanced service method: ‘This is pure brilliance’

Six feet of separation is nothing when you have problem-solving skills like these.

A restaurant in New Orleans is going viral for the innovative way it’s managed to serve its customers fried chicken while maintaining strict social distance guidelines. The eatery, called McHardy’s Chicken & Fixin’, has been serving customers with an inventive, DIY zip line.

The restaurant debuted its “distanced fried chicken delivery” in April, when Louisiana was still under a statewide stay-at-home order. Local news outlets immediately began covering the inventive pulley system, which allowed employees to hoist food from the counter to customers standing a safe distance away.

“Zip line fried chicken?” Ian McNulty, a food culture reporter for wrote on Instagram. “Clothesline fried chicken? Whatever it is, the contraption @mchardyschicken rigged up early in the coronavirus crisis always makes me smile. Behind it though there’s a serious message for small businesses like this trying to get through these times.”

Rahman Mogilles, who runs the eatery with his family, told that “you’ve got to be creative” during times like these.

“It’s to get people to think out of the box,” he said. “If people see us doing this, maybe it makes them stop and think about getting a plan for themselves and what they can do.”

Moguilles, who opened the restaurant in 2001, has certainly been getting creative. In addition to the chicken zip line, McHardy’s also used its purple, bench-style seating to create a “fence” around the counter. Moguilles also told he’s considering trying a conveyer belt.

Whether they’d been to the restaurant or not, social media users seemed more than impressed by the pulley system.

“This is pure brilliance,” an Instagram user commented on McNulty’s video.

“They really have figured out a no contact system. Very impressive,” another wrote.

“Don’t come in between a man and his fried chicken,” another joked.

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