Mom astonishes internet with ‘perfect’ cake-cutting hack: ‘I know what I’m doing’

A woman is going viral after her daughter shared her “brilliant” method for making sure everyone gets the perfect piece of dessert.

The hack began taking the internet by storm in March when TikTok user Mimi To shared a video of her mom cutting a birthday cake.

“My mom found a life hack,” To captioned her video, which has been viewed more than 5.4 million times.

In the clip, To’s mom maintains a completely stoic expression while using a set of metal tongs — rather than a knife — to carve the cake into a totally symmetrical triangle.

To’s video goes on to show the results of her mom’s cutting method, which appears to be an extremely photogenic slice of birthday cake.

The hack earned a wide range of reactions on TikTok, including plenty who praised it as “brilliant” and a “perfect” solution to supposedly messier knife-cut desserts.

“So my life was a lie, that was the right use for this tool,” one commenter wrote.

“Your mom lives in 2050 sheesh,” another added.

Some users, however, complained that they’d seen the hack before, or that it was unnecessary. Others, meanwhile, were more struck by the businesslike seriousness with which To’s mom uses her tongs.

“Your mom said: ‘I know what i’m doing,'” one user joked.

“I love how your mom is dead silent,” another added.

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