Here's where you can find toilet paper if you’re in need

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Head to the store or turn on the news and you know that right now, times are wild. So wild, that it’s hard to find toilet paper.

After face masks and hand sanitizer, the next popular buy across the globe became toilet paper. According to CNN, retailers in the U.S. and Canada have even started limiting the packs of toilet paper customers can buy per trip, while others are completely sold out.

Empty shelves themselves can cause panic and anxiety about getting enough supplies, and in turn, can cause an unnecessary shortage. However, there’s no real reason you need to or should be hoarding bath tissue. In fact, you should only buy what you need in order for others to get what they need.

Newsweek shared a toilet paper calculator that estimates that the max amount of toilet paper you really should need is the number of people in your household times amount of time spent in isolation.

However, if you're already running low on toilet paper in your home and are in a need of some more, Deep Space Program, a design and product studio in Las Vegas, created a way to find it locally in stores: it's called TP Finder. TP Finder is a fully crowd-sourced platform where shoppers can report where they see toilet paper in stock and where they don't. So, you don't have to waste your time looking and can avoid unnecessary exposure outside of your home.

In the case that you prefer to shop online, we also searched online retailers to find where you can still buy it. Shop from the list below and remember, while our new "normal" has changed, it won't last forever.

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