This puzzle master made a Rubik’s Cube out of a cactus

Tony Fisher is a puzzle guru.

His specialty is transforming everyday items into functional Rubik’s Cubes. Fisher shares his puzzle concoctions on YouTube, where he transforms things like pork pies, salami and potatoes into Rubik’s Cubes.

To use the toy, Fisher wears gloves to move each part — it’s pretty prickly. It takes him a while, but the puzzle guru is eventually able to solve it. Few puzzles are a challenge for the record-breaker. Fisher has been at this for decades.

“In the ’80s I started to modify them and made my own version,” he told the Ipswitch Star. “This eventually led to selling my creations and a successful YouTube channel in recent years. These two interests came together when I realized there was no official record for the largest Rubik’s Cube.”

In 2020, Fisher was inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records for creating the largest Rubik’s Cube in the world.

“As a child I loved the Guinness Book of Records and was fascinated by extremes like the fastest runner, highest mountain, etc,” he told the Ipswitch Star. “It was my dream to get in the book one day.”

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