Chrissy Teigen angers fans with 'morbid' tweet: 'Not the day'

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People will get mad at Chrissy Teigen about anything — truly.

On May 25, the “Cravings” author took to Twitter to wish everyone a happy Memorial Day.

“Happy Memorial Day from our monsters to yours,” she wrote, the “monsters” in the tweet referring to her children Luna and Miles.

Though Chrissy seemingly had no intention of stirring controversy with her tweet, many people thought it was rude of her to put a “happy” in front of “Memorial Day,” which is a holiday meant to honor the men and women who lost their lives while serving in the U.S. military.

“Today is not the day to say ‘Happy Memorial Day,'” one person said. “Respectfully, it is not a day of ‘happy.’ It’s about memorializing our lost [heroes].”

“Please don’t say Happy Memorial Day – it’s a day of mourning, not celebration,” another user added.

“It is not a happy holiday – what kind of morbid nonsense is this? It’s like saying Happy 9/11,” they continued.

“Happy [is] perhaps not the right word,” a third person commented.

In response to all the criticism, Teigen noted that “everyone says happy Memorial Day.”

“Because people made the ultimate sacrifice for us to celebrate this day, together, with them in mind,” she added. “F***** s***.”

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