Journalist is rudely interrupted during live broadcast: 'NO CHILL'

Though the global pandemic has been rough on everyone, there are a few silver linings to the new work-from-home situation mostly everyone has been forced into.

Specifically, now that newscasters and other individuals who do their jobs on camera are broadcasting from home, viewers get to see what’s going on behind the scenes — and it’s been entertaining, to say the least.

In April, a needy dog interrupted a weather forecast for some pets and became an internet sensation. Around the same time, a TV reporter in California accidentally went live while her husband was naked in the shower. And most recently, a journalist nonchalantly conducted an on-camera interview while her cats had a full-on catfight behind her.

The interview, which was captured and shared by Twitter account Room Rater, happened on Philippine television channel TeleRadyo.

In the 12-second clip, which has been viewed more than 2.1 million times, TeleRadyo journalist Doris Bigornia conducts a phone interview and remains mostly unfazed while her two cats brawl in the background of her shot.

People are obsessed with how much energy and excitement the cats add to the interview.

“The catfight def. makes it 11/10!” one person wrote.

“This is purrfect!” another user joked.

“I’ve got $10 on the Tabby,” a third person added.

Doris’ family seems to be enjoying the attention the cats are bringing them.

“MY CATS HAVE NO CHILL,” Doris’ daughter Nikki wrote on Twitter along with the video of the cat fight.

“CHILDREN!!!!! [There is a law in the studio!!!!!]” Doris added.

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