ESPN shares incredible video of high school senior benching 355 pounds

A high school senior has certainly caught Arnold Schwarzenegger’s attention.

Garret Alcaraz broke his school’s lifting record — bench pressing a whopping 355 pounds to make the ranks on Tehachapi High School’s leaderboard.

ESPN’s Sports Center shared the video on Instagram where it racked up over 2.2 million views.

Alcaraz, who has Down syndrome, is now only 45 pounds away from breaking the Special Olympics bench press record. The feat even caught the attention of former Mr. Universe himself.

“Garret, you inspire me! You set a goal and you achieved it. When this is all over, we have to train together,” Schwarzenegger declared on social media.

“Honestly, [it] brought tears to my eyes just thinking about all the people that are giving him the gratitude that he deserves,” Alcaraz’s brother Ian told 23 ABC News. “Just thinking about everything that he’s done, just to get to where he’s been.”

The former California governor and the Alcaraz family weren’t the only people impressed with him. Instagram users chimed in to show their support.

“What a champ, he benches more than most people,” one user wrote.

“Not gonna lie, this made me soooooo dang hype. That’s the dopest thing I’ve seen in a minute. Hell yeah, Garret! Keep it up man!” A person wrote.

“Putting in the work, showing the world there are NO excuses,” one user commented.

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