Disgraced Papa John's CEO gives tour of $11 million home: 'Money don't buy taste'

Papa John’s founder John Schnatter serves up another bizarre news story after filming several TikToks flaunting his over-the-top home.

Perhaps in a feeble attempt to change the results when you Google his name, Schnatter’s house tour included a helicopter pad, a garage filled with vintage cars and a moat surrounding his Kentucky mansion.

Schnatter is reportedly still worth $1 billion, despite being in the center of a slew of messy stories, starting in 2017, said the New York Post. Schnatter had abruptly caused the end of Papa John’s sponsorship of the NFL after he critiqued NFL leadership over the national anthem protests.

A year later, Schnatter was infamously ousted from his own company after he used a racial slur during a video conference.

Later in 2018, Schnatter had to testify in a Delaware Chancery Court over reports that he ran a “sexually charged atmosphere” at his company and he personally had, at one point, sexually harassed a phone saleswoman.

Schnatter was again in the news in early 2020 for admitting that he did not eat “over 40 pizzas in 30 days,” as he claimed to have done in November 2019. He later changed his phrasing to say he “had” over 40 pizzas in 30 days because he was “inspecting” the quality.

None of these scandals seemed to have made Schnatter camera-shy, as he showed off his wealth in several TikToks.

The most popular one — with over a million views — is captioned: “Tour of the Papa Castle Part 1.”

When you first enter the “Papa Castle,” you are greeted by the sight of an enormous eagle clock that “spins four times an hour.” It is unclear how anyone tells time from looking at this “clock,” but Schnatter insists it’s not sculpture.

Schnatter takes us to the right of the main hallway to the library where he films and “writes letters.” But what a tease! Before opening the door, Schnatter says, “stay tuned, you’ve got to keep following. Maybe next time!”

According to People, the $11 million property is the most expensive in Louisville.

In another TikTok, Schnatter walks in slow-motion towards his private helicopter to Notorious B.I.G.’s “Big Poppa.” The text on screen promises a future tour of the helicopter and Schnatter responds to a bunch of comments on the TikTok with, “Papa bless!”

“Money doesn’t buy taste,” one person commented on his house tour.

“That’s just obscene,” another user wrote.

One TikToker really nailed the ambiance of the house so far: “Looks like it’s designed after a Cheesecake Factory.”

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