Baker gains Instagram following for her mesmerizing cupcake decorating videos

Nothing scratches that oddly satisfying itch quite like watching cupcake decorating.

The dessert is known for its elaborate and ornate frosting. Aside from the aesthetic beauty, who doesn’t love watching yummy foods get made?

Yorkshire baker Ennah Hussain has amassed a humble following of 40,000 followers on Instagram for this exact, unexplainable reason — watching dessert decorating is so mesmerizing.

In her red swirly cupcakes video, the process is “super simple but super effective,” as Hussain describes. She uses a piping tube to create frosting spirals. The result is a rosy topping that looks like a bloomed flower.

Hussain uses a pink palette in another video. The baker takes neon pink, light pink and peach frosting to a dozen cupcakes. She uses the piping to create unique patterns on each dessert. One has a seashell-like design, another has a rose and a few have waves.

In a recent video, things get a bit more intense. First, Hussain digs out holes in the center of a dozen cupcakes. Next, she fills each gap with jam. Then she uses lavender, purple and yellow frosting to create more fun patterns.

Bakers make an array of cupcake designs by utilizing different piping tips. Some are shaped like stars, petals or baskets but each has its own unique effect. Of course, the finished product is always subject to the chef’s dexterity, precision and skill.

Hussain’s videos tend to stack up thousands of views. Instagram users like to keep their praise of the dessert aficionado short and sweet.

“So satisfying and pretty,” one user wrote.

“Your piping is so cool!” another said.

“I aspire to be this good,” a person added.

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